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1 03 2011

I’ve started this blog in response to requests from my friends to write further about my cowardly exploits in the hills of Britain and elsewhere.

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Ben Avon & Beinn a’ Bhuird Tops from Inchrory Lodge

16 08 2014

Tue 8 July 2014
I’d been working up to this walk all year as, originally, I was planning to camp down by Inchrory Lodge but, each time I was due to make the trip, I thought it was way too cold for a tent! I also knew I’d have to be very fit for this round and, as I’m not managing to get properly fit this year, kept putting it off in the hope I’d feel fitter as the year went on. Eventually, the time came when I decided I should get on with it – at least it was much warmer now July had arrived… Read the rest of this entry »

Creag Meagaidh Round – Minus Creag Meagaidh!

9 08 2014

Sun 29 June 2014

The day after my Ben Starav top-bagging, where I’d joined up with Jon off my current walking forum, I was due to do some, or all, of the Creag Meagaidh tops I had outstanding. I had three tops outstanding in total but, if done together, would make for a very big day. I decided to start with the two southern tops via ‘The Window’ and see how things went from there… Read the rest of this entry »

Ben Starav Southern Tops & a Wrecked Car!

31 07 2014

Sat 28 June 2014
Well, I didn’t do badly on this weekend trip but my car came out very much worse for wear! :-( Unbeknown to me at the time, I had an extremely dangerous drive home indeed… Read the rest of this entry »

Sgurr an Fhuarail

26 07 2014

Thu 12 Jun 2014
Richard still being laid-up with his, now badly-swollen, knee, I knew this was going to be my last day’s walking in Kintail for this trip – it simply wasn’t fair to leave him around the cottage when he couldn’t even walk anywhere. This is a very short mopping-up operation for the North Glenshiel mountains – the left-over top of ‘The Brothers Ridge’ – Sgurr an Fhuarail. Read the rest of this entry »

Beinn Fhada East Ridge Top

19 07 2014

Tue 10 Jun 2014
Another day without Richard as this was to be quite a long walk and he was struggling with lameness – he now had a bad knee to add to his hip problems – possibly due to walking across a beach of soft sand at Glenelg on the Monday – another theory is that he has a case of ‘beer on the knee’!

I’d wanted to do this route for ages, since seeing the ridge from west Glen Affric on my ‘Long Way for a Top’ report last year. Unfortunately, I ended up not enjoying it like I should have due to a woeful lack of fitness – still! :-( Read the rest of this entry »

Bob’s Blog Post on my Compleation Walk on Ben Lui

16 07 2014

There’s some superb photos on this one! :-) Bob’s version of events on my compleation walk on Ben Lui…

BlueskyScotland Ben Lui Compleation

Beinn Sgritheall NW Top

12 07 2014

Mon 9 Jun 2014

As Richard was out with me the day before, and no longer does two days in a row, I decided to go off round the peninsula of Glenelg to pick this top off. I also decided it would be a lovely spot to drop Richard off to amuse himself – he ended up visiting the pub at Glenelg, having a good look round the village, and a walk down to the ferry jetty to take a quick trip across to Kylerhea on Skye. The weather was beautiful – hot and sunny… Read the rest of this entry »