Easter Jokelet :-)

24 04 2014

“How’s the diet going?” I asked the missus.

“Not good.” she sighed, “I had eggs for breakfast this morning.”

“Oh dear,” I sympathised.  “Fried?”

“Cadbury’s.” She responded.


Courtesy of ‘The PubPaper’ Issue 750 21 Mar 2014

Pretty much like me that ;-)

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7 responses

25 04 2014

I used to like them. Have they got smaller, along with every other sweet? It will be Terry’s chocolate grape by 2017.

26 04 2014

Chocolate grape – LOL! I’d say the Cadbury’s eggs seem the same size as always – and just as tasty :-)

29 04 2014

I had my first creme egg in years at Easter. I think they definitely have got smaller. I bet they haven’t got cheaper though! :-)

29 04 2014

I have to say that, despite being a bit of a chocoholic, I really can’t eat the Creme Eggs as I find them way too sweet and rich. I like the Cadbury’s toffee eggs though :-)

2 05 2014

I know what you mean about how rich they are. I liked them as a kid, not so much these days. When I was first given it my initial thought was, “How am I going to eat that?” I persevered though. :-)

3 05 2014

Yeah, if it’s chocolate, you must persevere! ;-)

24 04 2014

Boom boom.

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