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1 03 2011

I’ve started this blog in response to requests from my friends to write further about my cowardly exploits in the hills of Britain and elsewhere.

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Days off Around Braemar – Linns o’ Dee & Quoich

28 11 2015

Wed 30 Sep 2015
After my long Four Tops walk up Glen Derry, I was far too exhausted the next day to do anything except gentle strolling. It was also a very hot day indeed – the hottest of the year so far – funny for the last day in September. Braemar was also the hottest place in Britain that week! Read the rest of this entry »

Days off Around Braemar – Muir O’ Dinnet

20 11 2015

Mon 28 Sep 2015
Now I’m getting older and my joints are wearing, I can’t hillwalk every day – I generally take every other day off. The first two hillwalks I did at Braemar on the last visit were big days so we both took a day off to be tourists the day after. This was the first of them and was to Muir O’ Dinnet and the famous Burn O’ Vat.
Burn O'Vat(scaled-B)
this photo was taken by me of my parents at the Burn O’ Vat with my mother’s Zenit B camera – my camera’s older brother
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Tidal Isle of Oronsay, Skye

16 11 2015

Having to go back to photographic posts for a while as my back has completely gone and its future, at present, is looking bleak :-( These were from our Skye trip this summer and have been waiting in the wings behind the walking posts since then… Read the rest of this entry »

Glen Achall Gorge Scramble, Ullapool

7 11 2015

On one of my days off around Ullapool this summer, where the weather wasn’t really suitable for the higher hills, I took to my usual favourite glen – Glen Achall. This can be used as a long route to Seana Braigh but I just cycle to the end of the landrover track and back – about 8 miles each way. This time, on the way back, I had a look at a gorge scramble I’d been eyeing for a while…

Ullapool Hillwalk-Glen Achall1
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Druim Mor & Monega Hill (Caenlochan Glen)

31 10 2015

Thu 1 Oct 2015
This day was quite a long drive and potentially a reasonably long walk so I decided I had to set off early again. I was scraping thick ice off my car by 0830 with the help of Richard who wasn’t coming – he was having a day in Aberdeen on the bus. I’d put the bike on the back seat again in the hope I could use it for at least some of the track up Glen Isla. Read the rest of this entry »

Lochnagar via The Royal Bothy

23 10 2015

Sun 27 Sep 2015
As Richard hadn’t done Lochnagar, and as it was on his list of desired Munros, he honoured me with his company for this one. Unfortunately for him, I wanted to do the longer route from the north this time – partly because I’ve already done the much shorter route from the south but mainly because I wanted to see the ‘Royal Bothy’ at Gelder Shiel.

Richard’s photo
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The Four Tops (Glen Derry)

18 10 2015

Tue 29 Sep 2015
Knowing I was in for a very long and hard day and that daylight hours are much reduced at this time of the year, I thought I’d best prise myself out of bed a bit earlier than normal. Ten past eight saw me setting off in the car for Linn O’ Dee…

Stacan Dubha to E Top (cropped)
Beinn Mheadhoin (click on photos for full size/resolution)
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