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1 03 2011

I’ve started this blog in response to requests from my friends to write further about my cowardly exploits in the hills of Britain and elsewhere.

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The Creatures from the Black Lagoon!

3 10 2015

You generally hear about ‘The Creature from the Black Lagoon’ but this is a tale about two of them! Read the rest of this entry »

Ben More Assynt South Top

24 09 2015

Wed 2 Sep 2015

Although the forecast was for a dire day all day – heavy rain and high winds from the north – I got up anyway and had a look out at 0830. After a quick walk up and down Ullapool to see which of the smaller hills were out, I decided it didn’t look too bad to the north after all. A quick breakfast later and the bike was bundled into the car for the 23 mile drive to the start – the access track to Ben More Lodge.

I was surprised on the drive north to be seeing the classic Sutherland inselbergs were out for the first time – Culs Mor and Beag were both out and most of Breabag. My hills, however, were in cloud… Read the rest of this entry »

Dreich on Sgurr Creag an Eich

19 09 2015

Sun 30 Aug 2015

Richard and I had booked a week in Ullapool – partly because we like the place but mainly because I had six Munro Tops to finish off in the area. After having superb weather on the Saturday when we stopped on the way up for a day in the Cairngorms, Sunday dawned (or rather didn’t) dull, very windy and excessively wet. As the week’s forecast was pretty dire, however, I thought I’d best make a start and chose my easiest (navigationally) hill and also the safest/widest. This was the western outlier of An Teallach – Sgurr Creag an Eich – which, if the weather cleared up, would be a great hill to couple with the Corbett of Sail Mhor.

My route started off up the Ardessie Gorge – I’d chosen this route partly because I really wanted to see the gorge in its entirety. Little did I know how spectacular it would become by the end of the day! Read the rest of this entry »

Stob a’ Choire Odhair, Knoydart

12 09 2015

Tue 11 Aug 2015
After waiting nearly two weeks for a weather window (i.e. for the gales and torrential rain to stop) in Scotland to do this Munro Top, I finally got a decent forecast of two clear days on the Tuesday and Wednesday of the week. As I was wanting to car-camp near Arnisdale on the Glenelg Peninsula before catching the boat across to Barrisdale on the Knoydart Peninsula, it needed to be warm overnight so I couldn’t leave it much later this year. I had to go for it, I decided, and rang work to book an extension to my already-long holiday.

I’d had to miss this top out when doing Ladhar Bheinn from Inverie due to a gale but didn’t mind having to come in from the other side of Knoydart as I wanted to see Barrisdale and the mountain’s famed Coire Dorrchaill. To briefly fast-forward to the start of my actual walk, I headed along the stalker’s path across Barrisdale Bay and rounded the corner of Creag Bheithe where the full glory of the corrie suddenly burst into view… I recommend you have a good look and turn back here! Read the rest of this entry »

Saddle Tops from the South via The Pylon Track

4 09 2015

Sat 27 June 2015
When I’d originally done ‘The Saddle’ with Richard during my Munro-bagging crusade, I hadn’t been sure I was going to do ‘The Tops’ as well. This led to me chickening out of the tougher bits of the walk, namely, the infamous Forcan Ridge and the narrow and scrambly route to the two western tops.

I’d outright refused to do The Forcan Ridge but did set off with Richard towards the western tops after meeting him on the main summit. I soon found the ridge was too narrow and steep-sided for my liking, one side being sheer for a very long way into the northern corrie of Coire Uaine and the other being steep slippery slabs. I ended up turning back and sunbathing peacefully by the summit lochan while Richard bagged them.

Now, I was top-bagging and being made to regret my earlier cowardice as I now had to face them alone… Read the rest of this entry »

Bereft in The Slig – The Personality Defects of a Bagger

23 08 2015

Many people ask me why I’m a mountain ‘list bagger’, especially when they learn of my fears in the hills and how many hills I go out and tackle but which scare me stupid. I spend quite a bit of time musing on that myself. But it is only when I ‘compleat’ a list, or am close to ‘compleating’, that I find answers.

I spent a very depressed night in The Sligachan Inn on Skye at the end of our last trip and was prompted to muse some more… here are the answers I’ve come up with so far. Read the rest of this entry »

Hilarious – Wild Sheep Alert!

14 08 2015

Thanks to my friend Simon who posted this link elsewhere. Absolutely hilarious tale of a Lake District rescue! ;-)

Grough Rescue Article