Hello readers!

1 03 2011

I’ve started this blog in response to requests from my friends to write further about my cowardly exploits in the hills of Britain and elsewhere.

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15 07 2018

Richard and I have been having a bit of a campaign on Whitbarrow on the south Lakes road. We’ve generally started from Beck Head but, while on one of the walks, we found another carpark near a farm halfway along the fell – depends on which paths you want to use… Read the rest of this entry »

Sometimes it’s Okay to say You’re Not Okay

13 06 2018

I was at work the other night and, because our coffee machine wasn’t working, had to take a trip out of our restricted area to get one. I bumped into a nice cleaning lady who I know by sight and she said hello and asked, traditionally, if I was ‘alright’. Now, normally, I’d end the whole conversation, as most of us do, by saying automatically; “Yes thanks” and continuing on my way. However, this time, I decided to be truthful and said “No, not really”… Read the rest of this entry »

Chome & Parkhouse Hills, White Peak

28 05 2018

Wed 18 Apr 2018
One reason I’d decided to take my first ‘UK Breakaways’ holiday at Buxton in the White Peak in Derbyshire was that I’d seen photos of two completely astounding hills. I studied the map and googled where you did them from and, yes, they were near Buxton – about 8 miles away in fact. These were my number ONE priority for the trip! Read the rest of this entry »

Woooo! SOMETIMES I can still do it!

16 05 2018

Wed 16 May 2018
I was out in the car today driving towards a titchy little fell in beautiful weather to have a small amount of exercise – all I can generally manage nowadays. As I drove, I changed my mind completely and decided to go for something far, far larger and see what happened. Skiddaw or bust!

The Mighty Skiddaw
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Monsal Head (White Peak) from the A6

6 05 2018

Thu 19 Apr 18
I was sent a cheap holidays leaflet through the post recently – UK Breakaways – Richard and I had a browse and thought it looked worth a try. As we haven’t really done much in Derbyshire (I’ve only been to the Dark Peak and only once), we decided Buxton in the White Peak District could be very nice. And, as my last walk was from the A6 (but in Cumbria), I thought it would be nice to make the next post also from the A6! Read the rest of this entry »

Gurnal Dubs in Snow from the A6

21 04 2018

Wed 27 Jan 2018
Richard and I were on a visit to our ‘winter residence’ – our favourite warm hotel in the Lakes, the Castle Green Hotel in Kendal. There was much snow around and I fancied something uphill, even if I didn’t make a summit, so decided we’d do Gurnal Dubs up a tempting looking lane from the A6 side. Read the rest of this entry »

Ambulances – Switch Satnav OFF!

31 03 2018

A strange thing happened the other night at my house… I came downstairs in the dark and went into the kitchen where there is a view of the woods… there was a blue light flashing away in there. What on earth was going on? Read the rest of this entry »