Hello readers!

1 03 2011

I’ve started this blog in response to requests from my friends to write further about my cowardly exploits in the hills of Britain and elsewhere.

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Figueroa Mtn Freedom: Violating the COVID-19 Lockdown Order — Jack Elliott’s Santa Barbara Adventure

29 03 2020

Jack is spot on with this post! It’s far, far safer being spread out over wide areas in the mountains than it is cramming together on the lanes as I was today – never walked with so many people – and so closely!

A vernal pool on Figueroa Mountain. A male and female mallard were seen in the pool. March 27, 2020 I find it difficult to live in a society governed without reason. My mind operates logically. I am irascible by nature. I am not submissive. I am free thinking and independent. I do not subscribe to […]


Disintegrating Cumbria and the ‘Not-Well’ Pharmacy!

24 03 2020

Okay, rant time!

Not sure if the whole country is disintegrating or whether it’s just my ‘new’ local area but it truly is around here! I’ve just had one helluva day! 😐 Read the rest of this entry »

The Lost & The Undressed (Archival)

21 03 2020

Having to put some archival posts out for a while as, even when I get properly back into the hills, I won’t be able to get any photos developed until the health crisis is over! 😦 Actually, re-reading it was interesting for me in re-visiting an older writing style – I actually think it’s quite bitchy in places but (hopefully) amusingly so! Read the rest of this entry »

Last Artwork Post (hopefully)

16 03 2020

Still no walking to speak of (and now even the dancing has been cancelled) so putting out what is hopefully my final ‘artwork’ post. Hoping to get some photos taken and some walking done soon! Read the rest of this entry »

More Artwork – Horses

26 02 2020

Still not doing any walking – but I’ve been very active just the same. I’ve taken to going Scottish Country Dancing 2 or 3 times a week which is good exercise (for the brain as well as the body).

On Tuesday, I travelled over to my parents’ (3 hour journey each way) to cook them some pancakes. By cook, I mean I put the ready-made pancakes in the microwave and put out various toppings for them to put on them. I had eight with butter and sugar 🙂 my Dad had 4.5 and my Mum 3.5 – we all enjoyed them. I was going climbing at the Harrogate Wall just after so wondered how the pancakes would affect me. Well… I climbed brilliantly! far better than normal. I did a 6a, of which I’ve previously done very few, and then a 6a+ – never done one of those before! Read the rest of this entry »

More Artwork – Pets and Wildlife

18 02 2020

Unfortunately, as the weather for the last couple of months has been completely dire, I haven’t been up any hills at all. Also, for the interesting gill I did a couple of months back, the film is still languishing in my camera waiting to be finished (never mind processed etc.). So, I’m inflicting a couple more ‘artwork’ posts on you. Read the rest of this entry »

Mean Joke!

14 02 2020

I’m off to see Ozzy Osbourne soon – supposedly it’s his last tour. Should be a good do – apparently he has Alzheimers now so he’ll sing everything twice! 😉

(Before anyone gets offended, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if he’d made a similar joke about himself and the situation – it would fit with his sense of humour).