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1 03 2011

I’ve started this blog in response to requests from my friends to write further about my cowardly exploits in the hills of Britain and elsewhere.

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An Invaluable Munroing Companion

6 04 2015

Most people who read my blog probably know by now that I do most of my Scottish hillwalking on my own – that was true for more than half of the Munros and nearly all the Munro Tops. This isn’t because I’m anti-social but more due to my nature which is that of an out-and-out bagger.

There are days when most people wouldn’t go near a 3000 foot Scottish hill as the weather is dire, there’s not going to be a view etc. However, I was always too obsessed for that approach to be taken – that and it costs me a lot in time and money for all my Scottish trips so I always feel I have to make the most of as many days as possbile when I’m up there. Dire days have generally led to the refusal of others to accompany me so I’ve just gone ahead on my own.

Walking companions have come and gone – indeed, many have simply worn out. But I couldn’t have done the Munros without the one in this post… Read the rest of this entry »

Trespassing in the Hambledon Hills

28 03 2015

When my mother dropped me off to do this walk, I had no idea I was due an embarrassing encounter with ‘the gentry’ of the area. A tale of a wilful trespass… Read the rest of this entry »

Ben Wyvis & All His Tops

21 03 2015

9 September 2010 (Archival Post)

During a week at Ullapool, Richard wanted a day off after our ascent of Conival & Ben More Assynt the day before so he went off to do his own thing and I went for an ‘easy’ day on Ben Wyvis. However, at that stage, I wasn’t sure whether I was going for the whole thing (including all 3 tops) or just An Cabar to Tom a’ Choinnich. I was determined at least to do the full main ridge though. It all depended on the weather and how I was feeling when I got there. Read the rest of this entry »

Dorset Coast & Durdle Door

8 03 2015

I was looking through some older photos from my pre hill-bashing days and thought something different would be nice. I’d found these photos of when Richard and I used to work for Bradford & Bingley Building Society and they used to let out the flats above the branches to staff for a very cheap week’s holiday. We used the Finchley Flat in North London many a time and the other flat we liked was the Bournemouth one. We used to take my parents down there as they also loved the stunning Dorset coast – here are the photos starting with the famous Durdle Door…

Durdle Door
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Hunting Haunted Backstone Circle

28 02 2015

Sun 18 Jan 2015
After reading a post on fellow blogger Smacked Pentax’s site about a mysterious, haunted stone circle, of course I had to go and have a hunt for it myself. I love anything mysterious or supernatural and I also love stone circles. His post is here – go and have a read but don’t forget to come back :-) Read the rest of this entry »

The Stupendous Basteir Gorge

21 02 2015

On one of the days in August 2014 when I called off a walk with my guide into the Cuillin due to dreish weather in the morning (makes the rock lethally wet), I decided it was time Richard had a trip to the very spectacular Basteir Gorge. On my previous Am Basteir trip with the guide he was trying to get me to take photos of Gillean’s Pinnacle Ridge but I just couldn’t take my eyes off the gorge!

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Skiddaw via Ullock Pike Ridge

13 02 2015

My most regular Lake District walk, and one of my favourites, is this round of Skiddaw…

Overwater to Skiddaw
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