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1 03 2011

I’ve started this blog in response to requests from my friends to write further about my cowardly exploits in the hills of Britain and elsewhere.

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Sgurr Sgumain to Thearlaich

26 07 2015

Wed 8 July 2015
After meeting our new guide Andy the night before in the Sligachan Inn, it was decided we’d meet up there the next morning at 0900 to car-share to Glen Brittle. Richard duly dragged me out of bed with a coffee at 0815 after having to get up earlier to prepare flasks etc and I sat to eat my breakfast while checking my phone. The weather had been horrible all night – high winds and heavy rain – my spirits were lower than the prevailing cloudbase as I imagined sliding around on slippery, steep and narrow Cuillin peaks while being gusted around…

L-R Sgurrs Sgumain, Alasdair, Thearlaich (R Wood)
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A Superb Day on the Tops of Aonach Mor

18 07 2015

Fri 12 June 2015

The final day of our Roy Bridge trip, I’d scheduled to do the two Munro Tops of Aonach Mor which live on a little side ridge. I’d had a recce to try to reach the start of the ridge from the main road via Leanachan but, as reported on my Stob Coire a’ Mhail post, was totally unsuccessful. I couldn’t get any more information about reaching the start of the ridge – most seemed to contour round the Aonach an Nid nose on the north-east side of Aonach Mor. Being fairly unsound of leg and also wanting an easy day, I didn’t see why I shouldn’t take the Nevis Range Gondola up to the mountain restaurant and start from there.

The reason I’d left this walk until Friday was because I wasn’t sure the superb spell of weather we were having would last till the end of the week and these can easily be navigated and walked in any weather. As it turned out, the weather remained superb and I wouldn’t have missed the gorgeous views for anything! Read the rest of this entry »

Gowbarrow and a Night of Agony

12 07 2015

Mon 13 Apr 2015
This should have been an exceedingly pleasant six mile walk with Richard to get another of his few remaining Wainwrights but unfortunately ended badly :-( Read the rest of this entry »

Carn Dearg, Ben Nevis – Go The Other Way!

1 07 2015

Wed 10 June 2015
Originally, I’d been going to do the south-west Top of Ben Nevis, Carn Dearg – one of two peaks with the same name on The Ben – via the infamous Waterslide Route. The Waterslide route goes up the Allt Coire Eoghainn and has something of a reputation. Despite numerous enquiries, Googling and guide book studies however, I never managed to find out why! Irvine Butterfield, in his revered ‘The High Mountains of Britain and Ireland’ book says the route is ‘a steep, murderous flog of fully 4000 feet up slopes strewn with gullies and clifflets’. My friend Mark, who did it in snow and a winter gale with his mate, reckoned they had such an epic that day they were lucky to get back down in one piece – I re-read his report recently and it didn’t encourage me – nor did the photos! Read the rest of this entry »

Grey Corries – Nice Ridge, Shame About The Finish

20 06 2015

Mon 8 June 2015
After skiving for the first day of our Roy Bridge trip due to bad weather in the morning, we decided that Monday was the day I should make a start on my Munro Top bagging. As we’d both always wanted to re-do the Grey Corries, Richard decided to come with me. The weather forecast was for high pressure, light winds and lots of sunshine – perfect – however, this was Scotland which means the weather pretty much does what it wants…

Coire na Ceannain (stiched)
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An Garbhanach – Please Make a Cairn Someone!

13 06 2015

Thu 14 May 2015

After a better night in a nice B&B in Fort William (I had wanted to car-camp in Glen Nevis but, looking at all the warning signs, thought I would end up getting moved on), I awoke to a second sunny day. My knee had recovered from its collapsed state but my quads hurt (a sign though that they had at last started to do their job and protect my ailing joints) and my legs were very tired. I thought I’d be pushing my luck to do another 3000-footer today…

An Garbhanach-the Monster!
An Garbhanach – scary beast!
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Stob Coire a’ Mhail – with no Devils

3 06 2015

Wed 13 May 2015
Most people who traverse the narrow ridge of the Munro Top of Stob Coire a’ Mhail are doing the famous ‘Ring of Steall’ – a hairy and scary round in the Mamores. Being the Mountain Coward, however, I took a much calmer route and actually really enjoyed my day. For once, the weather was superb…

SC a' Mhail & Sgurry Mhain from Iubhair
Stob Coire a’ Mhail and Sgurr a’ Mhaim
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