Hello readers!

1 03 2011

I’ve started this blog in response to requests from my friends to write further about my cowardly exploits in the hills of Britain and elsewhere.

(When viewing photos in the blog posts, clicking on a photo will show it in its true definition and quality)

Niggling Groin Strain? Get an X-Ray!

12 02 2016

Around three years ago now, I started with a ‘niggling groin strain’ – I decided to google it, as you do. At first, I didn’t find the right information, despite looking in the right places, i.e. medical websites and things like running forums to find how people were recovering from such an injury (or not, as the case may be). But you need to do a lot of googling sometimes to find the real answers…
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Stark, Bare & Beautiful

31 01 2016

Winter trees that is… You can’t beat the variety and shapes trees in their winter form give us – a real gift to photographers! Here are a few I’ve collected over the years…

Gordale-limestone tree
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Misgivings on Moruisg

24 01 2016

Mar 2010
I always thought, whenever I drove down Strathcarron, that Moruisg (the mouse) was the simpler of the Munros down the glen and therefore decided to tackle it first. Little was I to know how wrong my day would go and how Moruisg was to make me very nervous about tackling all the other Strathcarron Munros – a nervousness which was quite unfounded as they are all fine really.
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The Aran Mountains – a Shocking Experience

17 01 2016

When I were a lass (as we say around here), I used to get dragged up hills by my parents each and every holiday. Most times, I wouldn’t say I really minded but this particular time, I revolted!

Family in Mid-South Wales(Dad)
Strangely, I haven’t any photos from the Arans but this is that kind of time and area
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A Slither Around the Langdale Pikes

10 01 2016

Dec 2013
In the good old days, I used to get invited to the fabulous Adventure Peaks Christmas Party at a posh country house hotel in Ambleside. This was a weekend do and there was usually at least one day’s organised walking, complete with transport, and then a great party and Christmas Dinner on the Saturday night. Unfortunately, as I’ve been too busy Munro/Top-bagging, I haven’t been a proper customer of theirs for a few years and have now been dropped off their list of invitees. This walk was on the last one I attended Christmas 2013.

Langdale Valley
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2015 Stats Post / Happy New Year

1 01 2016

Feel free to add your own stats in the comments section below…

Here are my hill statistics and summary for the year but I’ve only worked out the mileage and height gain for Scotland as it’s too messy for the English stuff I did – no Welsh stuff again this year unfortunately :-(

Stob an Cul-Choire & Aonach Mor
Aonach Mor Tops in June
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Merry Christmas!

25 12 2015

Well I was going to send this last night but, when I logged onto my PC it was very weird and almost looked virused. After a quick disconnect of the network cable and a reboot, things looked better but it was bedtime by then.

So here it is, Merry Christmas (as the song goes)…
Christmas 2015
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