Unflattering Photos of my Bum! ;-)

21 03 2011

Just woken the neighbours having total hysterics… The reason is that I’ve just borrowed Richard’s new digital camera (don’t worry, he’s still keeping his Nikon film one) and am getting some pictures off it which he took of me last Sunday. We’ve taken to going to the famous Cow & Calf rocks on Ilkla Moor Bar t’at to scramble the various easier routes there… Anyway these are pics you probably thought you’d never see of a mountain coward scrambling some reasonable routes – the reason I can do these is ‘cos there’s no 3000 foot drop off them! I actually found I was a pretty good scrambler and led all the routes as Richard couldn’t figure them out…

Anyway, these pics are most unflattering as, being me climbing up things, are mainly of my bum and I have on my best old and knackered clothes (as you do if you’ve any sense for clambering up gritstone) – I didn’t do my hair either – sorry!

But the reason for the total hysterics was when I opened the first pic and saw this:

Me lying headless and dead!

Once I’d stopped laughing, I rotated them all and the rest are here. The first ones are what I call the ‘Subterranean Climb’ as it goes up a short external bit (mainly an awkward leaning crack) into the bowels of the rocks where you find yourself in a pit which you have to climb out of – luckily it has superb holds. Richard’s digital kept playing up and saying the battery was done (it’s brand new) so I kept setting mine up for him at the foot of each climb so he could use either.

Start of the ‘subterranean route’ – starting the leaning crack

Leaving The Crack

Going into cavern

Looking back down into ‘subterranean climb’ past my foot

2nd climb – start

2nd climb – 2nd move

2nd climb – going round corner

2nd climb – the finish

The next photos are one of the climbs in a quarry which is cut inside the rocks – looks exciting but is actually easier and shorter than the other climbs (pics to follow on those – Richard’s camera had given up altogether by then).

2nd Quarry Climb1

2nd Quarry Climb2

2nd Quarry Climb3

I’m trying to get some pics of me doing ‘The Leap’ – it’s about a 4 foot gap with a 25 foot or so drop beneath with lots of rocks to bounce off. Richard wouldn’t leap it but after a few seconds psyching myself up, I did it. Now we’re trying to get a pic of me doing it but I don’t want to do it too often as that’s probably tempting fate.

Me exiting the ‘leap climb’

Me starting Leap Climb

The first climb I did in the quarry:

Don’t forget to cool down properly afterwards
Ice Cream Reward



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