Quick Photo Post From Lakes – Slight Inversions

12 02 2012

Just a few photos from last month’s trip to the North-Western fells in the Lakes. On one of the days we had very wet conditions which led to very slight inversion conditions – not much colour or clarity of the fells sticking out though as there was pretty much a thin cloud layer everywhere.

The walk was from Braithwaite village (me & Richard – both very unfit) and took in, in the following order: Barrow, Stile End, Outerside then up the Sail Pass and over Scar Crags and onto Causey Pike. The end was too slippery to descend in the wet so we came back down ‘the Cowards Path’ to the Stoneycroft Mine Road and back through the Barrow Door pass to the village. A nice easy little round…

Barrow Summit – We’d Just Rebuilt The Cairn – It Was A Mess!

Stile End Summit to Shaven-off Skiddaw


Outerside from Start of Sail Pass

Sail Pass

Scar Crags from Causey Pike col

Then down Stoneycroft Mine Road to Barrow Door…

Back at the village (by now soaked) the sun deigned to come out over Latrigg…




2 responses

12 02 2012

This is one of my favourite walks in the Lakes.
Did you notice anything going on at Force Crag mine ?
There was a drilling rig or pile driver above the 0 level (the one beside the mine road) in early Jan.


12 02 2012

Yeah – not sure what it is – there’s still the drilling rig/pile driver and lots of other activity. Main trouble for walkers is that they’ve got a cabin in the carpark at the foot of Grisedale Pike/Kinn which is taking up quite a few car parking spaces. Not sure whether some of their vehicles are parking there too – the carpark was full every day we were there and, as the weather was pretty awful and it was mid-week, I’d be surprised if there were that many walkers up ‘The Grise’.


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