Really Hate to Have to Do This…

25 04 2012

… the challenge that is – not putting out this request 🙂

As you will have gathered from reading my blog, I’m at present ‘doing the Munros’, i.e. walking all the (nominated) mountains over 3000 feet in Scotland – there’s 283 of them and I have 35 left to do. Of the 35 I have left, 10 of them are on the Cuillin Ridge on Skye and are fearsome for mountain cowards. I’ll attach a photo to show you what I mean.

That’s 2 of ’em!

In order for me to incentivise myself to attain these 10 summits (I have a total fear of heights – as you’ve probably gathered by now), I’m getting them sponsored in aid of my favourite charity, the ‘Lord Dowding Fund for Humane Research’ (research without using animals) in aid of their breast cancer research – see link below for info on the research.

I’m due to die – sorry, attempt these peaks in early May 😮 I’ve had to hire a guide to drug me and tie me up – sorry short-rope me on the bad bits and I won’t have time to do all 10 peaks but hope to do a minimum of 3 and possibly 5 (only one a day – my nerves wouldn’t stand more).

I’m looking for sponsors – you can either sponsor me per peak for the 3 minimum I hope to do, or a fixed amount or of course, if you’re broke, you can just wish me luck – whatever. I’ll be grateful, and hopefully incentivised, for anything you sponsor me for. You can either put pledges as a comment on this post or you can e-mail me at:

If you donate direct to the charity online (possibly best if you’re outside the UK), please leave a comment on this post to let me know – thanks 🙂

The link to that particular research project on the charity website is:

Thanks and remember me, Carol.



2 responses

26 04 2012

Thanks Chrissie! 🙂 Think I’ll need the good luck wishes with the weather as it is! 😦


26 04 2012

Hi Carol, good luck and I’ve left a donation on the web site, Chrissie.


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