Battling Up Grisedale to the Tarn

9 07 2012

This is mainly a photo post from the walk I did on the latest meet of my walking forum which took place at Patterdale in the Lake District. Typing is very painful though so I’ll keep the words brief…

Although everyone (except me) had planned to do Striding Edge on the Saturday, the weather was so awful over the weekend, with torrential rain throughout and high winds, that the 7 attendees (many dropped out due to the weather I think) split in many directions. I still wasn’t able to do anything challenging hill-wise so elected to take myself off up the Grisedale Valley from Patterdale Village as far as Grisedale Tarn…

The rain started about ten minutes into my walk – it must only have been having a brief rest anyway as it had been torrential all night without a break. At first it was just steady rain but, as I reached the end of the tree-covered lane, it turned back to torrential again. The wind also hit me at that point and it was blowing towards me – I could see it would be a battle to the pass and the tarn…

I’d taken my new digi-camera as I knew before I set off it was a bad forecast so not worth taking my ‘proper’ camera and started taking shots from Ruthwaite Cove onwards. There were 2 nice northern gents about to set off up into the cove to visit Hard Tarn – somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit myself, but unfortunately I was in no fit state to join them.

Hard Tarn (taken with the Zenith years ago)

There was a fair amount of water coming down from Ruthwaite Cove behind the hut…

And also from Cock Cove under Dollywaggon Pike…

Looking back down the valley

I plodded on again up towards the pass – the wind was getting fiercer as it started to funnel through the narrowing valley and I was struggling badly…

I eventually battled to the tarn. I’d originally planned to either walk round it on the encircling paths or bob up Seat Sandal at the far side of the tarn but, not only was it too windy, but the stepping stones were well underwater!

I’m very fond of Seat Sandal and haven’t done it for years but unfortunately had to turn back and be hurled back down the valley…

Back at Ruthwaite Hut the fells were starting to clear…

I decided to take the path down the other side of the valley (looking back after crossing the little bridge):

There were some raging falls…

I soon passed under Nethermost Cove…

And equally soon left it behind…

But kept looking back to take photos of the magnificent valley…

Then the sun came out briefly and I decided to head over Keldas to see Lanty’s Tarn…

Before heading down the well-made path back to Glenridding – while looking wistfully across to the other fell I’d have loved to have done – Sheffield Pike…

By now it was raining again so I just had to call in at one of the tea-rooms to scoff cakie – sorry, to dry out! 😉




8 responses

12 07 2012

Looks pretty wet up there. That’ll be the rain doing that.


12 07 2012

England has decided it must have a yearly monsoon to replace summer! 😦


10 07 2012

Glad to see you are still getting out and about on the hills Carol.Makes you wonder why we still look forward to having summers though,the winters are now much drier.


10 07 2012

Well I can’t now with the broken toe – I’m gonna end up fat and unfit! I can’t get out at all now except to hobble round the corner to my Mum & Dad’s 😦


10 07 2012

I too, had to cancel plans to walk around a lochan after finding the stepping stones under water!In my case this was in the Scottish Borders. A bit of a widespread inconvenience this ‘summer’.


10 07 2012

If I’d been in better shape and not worried about falling, I’d have just waded across. This ‘summer’ has to be the worst I’ve ever seen!


10 07 2012
Paul Shorrock

I suspect that you will not be the only one writing up trip reports for wet days – just had a couple of damp days in Snowdonia meself!


10 07 2012

Damp wouldn’t be so bad! It’s also bloody cold up here too. Just when I could do with sitting outside sunbathing!


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