Hosta – a Beautiful but Dangerous Beach!

17 07 2012

This beach is probably the most popular on North Uist but also sees many fatalities, mainly among the tourists. I believe this is because of the steep slope of the beach which means the waves go out extra vigorously and with a lot of drag. This wave action, however, is possibly why the beach is apparently now a surfing hotspot! Certainly no-one surfed there when I was last on the islands around 10 years ago.

The rocks near the edges of the bay are a superb vantage point to take photos but, as I found when I was taking these, many a huge wave comes in and tries to pluck you off them in rough weather!

Approach to beach


My Dad admiring from a safe distance!

I may be a mountain coward but don’t seem to be a wave coward!

Getting close…

above the maelstrom!

Can be very peaceful here though…

at peace in the evening



3 responses

20 07 2012

‘but I’d stay out of the water.’….. I’m sure that was a line from Jaws or some-other American B movie :o:o

The nearby Traign Bhalaigh looks sheltered by Valley and Baleshare looks a pretty big wave break for Traigh Leathann and after the beaches on Barra, S Uist & Benbecula hopefully they may want a break from them 😉
Thanks for the heads up 🙂


19 07 2012

Certainly looks a surfers beach, you can see the steepness on your 4th picture with you dad admiring beach. Thanks for the warning I’ll keep an eye on the kids & the dog (he can’t swim !). I presume it depends on wind & tidal conditions ?


19 07 2012

I’m not really sure when it’s at its most dangerous really. There’s plenty of other beaches, especially on Benbecula (Culla Bay & the Airport Beach) and South Uist (just about the whole of the western seaboard apart from the military areas) for the kids to play on. Hosta’s worth a visit for its beauty but I’d stay out of the water.


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