You’ve Been Framed!

27 07 2012

Along the lines of the (very banal) TV programme but with odd/weird photos instead of film clips. As in the TV programme, some are staged – sometimes by me and sometimes by others, but they’re all photos I’ve found amusing to collect. I’ll put a little explanation against them giving a bit more background. So, without further ado, in no particular order…

First up… ‘George’, our stuffed lion, riding my Honda CB500T motorbike!

My Mum caught kipping in the sun on a walk – I’d been asleep too and probably looked nearly as silly but I woke up first! 😉 She’d have done the same to me…

Scout Camp in the Lake District on a summer like we’re having this year!

The Loch Lochy Youth Hostel Loo…

My friend sent me this photo from the Isle of Mull and promised an explanation to follow… (picture me drumming my fingers still waiting)

The Manesty Monster (unfortunately now removed from their garden and presumed dead 😦 )

A tree monster Richard and I furnished with his gloves (amused a few passers-by)

The very cuddly-looking ivy-house at Llanwrst

Hello, hello, hello… how they transport camels in Egypt

Beatnik Pony (think Thelwell must have got his inspiration from this one)

Smiley Seal (this one creases me every time! 😉 )

This trad red telephone box in East Sussex probably looks completely normal but, on closer investigation…

… it has: net curtains, a floral waste-bin, pot-plant…

I was sent this one as a joke – reminds me of me in my younger days – I’m pretty sure I’d be pulling the same face in the circumstances too!

They all fall at my feet (shame men never did!)


And finally… the best thing on British TV most nights!

(well it was a great place to air it after a long, hot day in the hills!)



4 responses

5 08 2012

Great selection of photos Carol.Very funny.That Ivy house looks amazing but you would think it must have damp walls as they would never dry out in the sun.


5 08 2012

Hi Bob, yeah – I’m not sure whether the ivy would suck the moisture out of the walls or not… although they always say that ivy doesn’t take anything from trees when it clings to them but takes sustenance only from its root?


28 07 2012
Paul Shorrock

Hahaha …. Far better than the TV prog 😉


28 07 2012

It was the only use I managed to find for the TV in the hotel room!


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