Affric Ambling

10 08 2012

After an abortive attempt back in May to do two of the Mullardoch Munros via Glen Strathfarrar, where I was put off by the appalling weather, the amount of snow cover and problems crossing the river, after an hour or so I decided to turn back and go back down the glen to our holiday let at Cannich. I joined up with Richard and we went round to the cafe and caravan site and hired bicycles to tour the valley with my camera…

In contrast to the weather in Glen Strathfarrar which, apart from about 10 minutes or so on my way back down the glen, was pretty dire, the weather around Cannich was mainly sunny (but very cold). Richard and I were assigned a mountain bike each – strangely he got a woman’s and I got a man’s (probably due to the extra seat height required for me), 2 cycle helmets (which we’ve never used before) then we set off – first of all down the glen to Struy and back along the quiet road at the other side of the valley. We then cycled off to the pub at Tomdoun…

The photos start off in Upper Strathfarrar on my way back out… I’d had to drive along the top of two hydro dam walls on the way to the roadend in the glen. The first was fine with shallow water on the loch side and not much of a drop down the dam. The second dam, pictured below, was pretty long and very narrow. I found this one very scary as there was really deep water on the loch side and the drop down the dam was pretty huge!

On one side of the dam, the road split and a private branch went along to a house and I believe there is then a track which continues along the north shore of Loch Monar. Here are a few views across towards the lodge and beyond…

A snowy Maol Lunndaidh I Believe

Strathfarrar Power Station Outlet – the weather had been very wet so plenty of output!

The next photos are from our cycle ride, starting with a roadside well which we have passed loads of times in the car but would never have seen without slowing down and using pedal bikes!

Rain over Struy and the entrance to Strathfarrar Glen!

We then called in at our log cabin for a quick snack before going off down the glen to Tomdoun…

After taking the bikes back, we had a drive down to the main carparks at the end of the Affric road and, as the weather was bad down there (as always) we were treated to a very washed-out rainbow…




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13 08 2012

I spent a week based at Cannich about two years ago, planning to do most of the Glen Affric Munro’s. However it rained 24/7 so didn’t get to see much, also never ventured down Strathfarrar so thanks for the pics 🙂


14 08 2012

Strathfarrar’s a very nice glen and it’s really surprising how far you can drive down the glen. When I saw the dam looming I thought that must be the end of the road but you drive over 2 dams and then another mile or so further up the valley. It’s a much nicer glen than Cannich/Mullardoch but I think Glen Affric proper probably just pips it for beauty, mainly due to the two lovely lochs…


11 08 2012

You always know you are in for a long day in Glen Affric.My club usually books Strawberry Cottage every winter then prays for good weather.If its grim cabin fever soon sets in as there is not much else to do there except climb hills.


11 08 2012

Is that the nice cottage you mentioned in a comment on my ‘A Soaking on An Socach’ post? Down by Athnamullach and a mile or so short of the youth hostel at Alltbeithe? There is truly nothing else to do down there apart from the hills! How do you get down there? Are you allowed to drive or do you backpack in?


10 08 2012

I only went to Glen Affric for the first time last year but it’s fast becoming a firm favourite of mine!


10 08 2012

Not an area I know very well, will have to have a look. Lovely pictures!


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