London 2012 – Irritating for Some

25 08 2012

Of course, living in England, it has been impossible to escape the Olympics held, as they were this summer, in London. I watched very little of them myself, apart from catching a couple of things on TV whilst up at my parents and watching all the dressage on i-Player. Part of the reason for this was that it was making me very bitter about being injured, seeing all those fit and active sports-people doing what I would normally be doing but instead being almost glued to my sofa and unable to even go out for a walk 😦

Anyone else been in a similar situation this summer?

I’ve even, despite me saying I’d never do so, had to start going to a gym! That is the only place I can exercise while keeping my injured foot completely still. I’ve found it super-annoying to watch healthy young women walking on treadmills while staring out of the windows at lovely parkland with great paths all over it. I just can’t understand why they are exercising indoors, and paying good money to do so, when they could just go for a walk outside somewhere interesting, pleasant and free! Maybe I’ll feel better watching the Paralympics which are due to start around now…

The ‘Olympic Sports’ below are what I was missing out on and would normally be doing…




SWIMMING (well paddling anyway 😉 )


CLIMBING (preferably at an indoor wall though!)

And of course, the one I’m missing most – slogging up hills…

While sometimes looking ridiculous! 😉

Many times people tell you, especially if you’ve had to turn back from a hill summit, that ‘the mountains will still be there another day’. While that is true, I think it needs to be borne in mind that your legs may not!




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3 10 2012
Scotlands Mountains

Similar situation this summer ? Yep.! Floored by some bloody awful virus thing.Never did find out what it was despite having numerous tests.My only consolation was that the weather was pretty rank anyway.Then my long time companion,Bob,tells me that he has given up on me and has taken to trips away with a new walking partner.What a floozy 🙂
That is one big beautiful horse in the pics .! Dunno why but their big hairy feet always bring a smile to my face. 🙂
Usually there are a couple of horses in the field behind my house with whom I pass the time of day but they`ve been taken somewhere else this year.I`ve had to make do with the cows instead but they don`t talk back to you……


4 10 2012

Emma-the-horse is a big and beautiful Clydesdale with a really lovely temperament 🙂 I love cows too 🙂

Bob said you’d not been so good and I realised you couldn’t be when you weren’t updating your blog since June. I had a similar thing a few years back – a stomach virus. I was properly ill for 2 weeks, collapsing and the like but we never managed to catch what was causing it. The doctor did notice that my blood had no (whichever) blood cells which fight infections left though so it must have been bad. She said it would be 3 months before I was right but I didn’t believe her. After I’d passed out at a Scorpions concert in the third month, I finally believed her (I’d made it to the front row as well so lost my place and missed 3 songs 😦 ).

I hope you’re feeling much better now 🙂


25 08 2012

I think thats why people get fed up in gyms and pack in,same with all the unused gear they buy like indoor bikes.I like cycling but not in a room.Maybe its a confidence thing,or lack of imagination or they just go to chat up the opposite sex like a mate of mine who was supposed to be getting in shape for a backpacking tour then got hitched instead.Why pay when its outside and far more interesting for free.


27 08 2012

I’ve always told people (before my broken bones) that I attend the world’s biggest gym… the great outdoors!


25 08 2012

I’ve often wondered why people pay gym membership to jog or cycle on the spot – but with the weather we’ve had this year – maybe they are the sensible ones !

I was away for the Olympics but caught the highlights of the opening ceremony – that looked pretty good.


27 08 2012

I considered the weather but, the gym’s just soooo boring, I’d rather go out and get soaking wet!


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