The Prodigal Film

25 09 2012

Probably around 5 years ago now, I changed a film in a hurry and neglected to notice where I put the ejected one. The other day, my Dad found a stray film in their car – could it be mine? I sent it off and, lo and behold, it was indeed the errant film!

So, after a break of many years, here it is – a walk from Corrour Station over Carn Dearg and Sgorr Gaibhre and its top, Sgorr Choinnich and back via Loch Ossian’s shore…

Leum Uilleum & Corrour Station House

Beinn na Lap

Ascending Carn Dearg…

Blackwater Reservoir on Rannoch Moor from Carn Dearg

The Way Ahead – Sgor Gaibhre (centre) and its top, Sgor Choinnich (L) with the back of Ben Alder behind

Lochan a Bhealaich from Sgor Gaibhre’s Summit Crags

Sgor Gaibhre’s Eastern Crags (the only bit Richard found interesting!)

Beinn Eibhinn Range from Loch Ossian Shore



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3 10 2012
Scotlands Mountains

Thanks for the reminder Carol.Your post jolted my memory into recalling that i have an undeveloped film from 2002 in my drawer.Hope it comes out ok as it was a magnificent display of autumn colours on the aspen trees in Colorado.Thank you 🙂


4 10 2012

It should do if all the photos were taken around the same time (or so I’m led to believe)…


26 09 2012

We stayed at Loch Ossian a few years ago.The warden was a German guy that believed in fresh air.When we came down off the hills in mid winter the windows had been open all day.It was warmer up the hill than in the bedrooms.Lovely spot though.


27 09 2012

Ouch! I’d hate that as, if I’ve had a hard day on the hills, I’m usually tired and prone to feeling cold! Having said that, I think most of the hostels I’ve been to leave the bedroom windows wide open all day and when you arrive the rooms are freezing.


26 09 2012
Paul Shorrock

Some really nice images there, Carol. Good that you found the film 🙂


26 09 2012

I was amazed that it was my film as my mother also uses a film Zenith – but she hadn’t taken any photos for quite a few years so I suppose it was more likely to be mine. Good job we hadn’t sold the car eh?


26 09 2012

I bet you were chuffed to bits finding that film! Not been to that area myself, but hubby Geoff has spent many short breaks over the years at the Youth Hostel at Loch Ossian and is always telling me how beautiful it is round there.


26 09 2012

I was hoping to get my first stay in the Youth Hostel this summer to do the Eibhinn Range with my fold-up bike but, of course, that plan got ruined. Hoping to get there next year now…

Leum Uillleum’s a great little walk and joins onto another nice hill next door to it to make a round


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