Drifting Back Into Winter

29 03 2013

Thu 28 March 2013
I was out for my late-afternoon walk on Wednesday and was struck by the sheer beauty of the huge snowdrifts lining the walls along my route – unfortunately I didn’t have a camera with me – typical! I attempted to rectify the situation the next day by taking out two cameras – my proper (film) camera – you’ll have to wait for the photos from that one though – and my point-and-shoot cheap digital one. These are the instant photos from the digi-camera.

It’s a shame I didn’t have the cameras the day before as, due to the slightly warmer temperatures, the snow had started to melt and slump slightly – this one’s still quite sharp though…

Long Drifts at Wallbanks

(click on photos for full resolution)
There was a nice view from the start of the lane…

Rombalds Moor from Brackenley

I raced furiously uphill to the top field wall to catch the sun for these…

Angular Drifts (zoomed out)

Angular Drifting at Wallbanks

High Snowdrift & Footprints at Wallbanks

Luckily, it was still frozen enough to walk along the top…

Huge Snowbank at Wallbanks

My Footprints (zoomed)

otherwise it would have been at least thigh deep – and sometimes more. I loved the way the wind had shaped the tops…

Ridged High Drift at Wallbanks

Where it got shallower the protruding fences gave contrast…

Drifted Fences at Wallbanks

It’s to be hoped there are no sheep buried in these sheep pens!

Bog Lane Snowy Sheep-pens

I then continued across the next few fields and, just short of the next farm, climbed a stone stile up the wall. When I reached the top of the high wall, I was a little perturbed to see that the snowdrift reached right up to the top of the wall on the other side. I could imagine myself stepping off the top onto it and slotting down like a post straight down into the drift – it would have been around head-height 😮 I had no idea how I would fight my way out if that happened! I took a deep breath and stepped out into the drift…

Looking Down From Stile

Luckily, although it was around 6 foot deep, I only dropped down a foot or so – phew! Here it is from below…

Daunting Drift1 at Wallbanks

I then left the fields and headed to another lane where I’d seen some spectacular snow-ploughing which had left some very interesting debris – it looked just like avalanche debris!

Snowploughed Debris Bog Lane

Bog Lane - Buried Tree

There was an interesting sky forming…

Bog Lane Piled Snow & Dramatic Sky

There were some lovely, neat edges…

Bog Lane-Neat Snowploughed Edge

There was a truly spectacular block which was hard as iron on a corner…

Bog Lane - Huge Block (crouched)

Bog Lane - Huge Block (side)

Where the lane headed down to the next village, there were man-sized drifts each side…

Mansize Drifts to Stirton

I then cut across the fields to rejoin my original lane and found another nicely scalloped drift…

Freezing Field Angular Drifts

On rejoining my lane I spotted another interesting drift near the railway…

Drifts in Wallbanks Beck
(note the sun-bathed top of the crag peeping over)

I was most impressed by the section of railway which drifts and where the train had forced its way through…

Goodsline Drift

the sun came back out momentarily and it looked beautiful…

Drifted Goodsline to Roughaw (sunny)

Definitely no entry for cars in here today!

No Entry!

This bank usually houses bunnies – hope they’re okay under this lot!

Drifted Bunnybank

And finally, I loved the rolling shapes in this snowdrift…

Rolled Drift (zoomed)




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4 04 2013

Nice Pictures Carol. England seems to have had much deeper March snow this year than Scotland. Ben Nevis has loads of ice on it but surprisingly little snow cover on the lower slopes. Its all high up yet the Loch Lomond side hills are plastered.. The far north western hills are almost bare. Also weird the way the snow has only dumped on certain areas yet missed other, higher mountains nearby.
One thing I have noticed is the lack of lambs in the fields. Only seen five over the Easter break on the hills and I was out every day.


4 04 2013

We’re starting to get quite a few lambs now – I’m glad they weren’t born a week earlier in all that snow though – some were but they’d been kept close in to the farms so they’re mostly okay I think.

I’m wanting the snow to clear from Loch Quoich as I need to get up there pretty damn soon!


3 04 2013

I love Yorkshire even more in snow I think. Also love it in Summer though. And Spring. Love it any time of year really ^_^ Most of our snow has disappeared now having left a trail of destruction. Quite shocking what damage it can cause and I really feel for our farmers who lost lots of sheep & lambs in wind drifts up in the mountains, bet it’s the same where you are.


3 04 2013

Luckily most of our farmers are only just starting with lambing. There were a few who were already in the throes of lambing but they’d brought their sheep very close in to the farm so I don’t think there were too many losses around here. Poor wee mites must have been frozen though!


30 03 2013

Was going to ask you about the snow conditions in Yorkshire ! Saved me an email 😉

What are your first impressions of your new camera Carol ?


31 03 2013

Not great actually. Not sure whether it’s me but I can’t get distance shots to be in focus – I always have to sharpen them in Photostudio 😦 Not sure it is me though as I borrow Richard’s camera off him when we’re out and take the odd shot and don’t seem to have a problem. So either the shutter’s harder to press on mine, I’m doing something wrong, or mine is lower quality than his.

I also can’t see a thing on the screen when I’m trying to take photos (especially colours and sometimes even where I’m looking) so I just have to guess quite a bit. It brings it home to you when you’re used to an SLR and used to looking through and seeing everything in superb detail.


30 03 2013

Those drifts look like they’ve been sculpted. Strange weather. We had more snow this morning but it’s gone now.
Cheers, Alen


30 03 2013

We started with some mild flurries but they didn’t amount to much. It was quite nice in the sun this aft if you could get out of the wind!


30 03 2013

Some great shots, the drifts might look good in black and white.


30 03 2013

I suppose some of them might – might have a look at that in Photostudio…


29 03 2013

I’d think twice about posting pictures taken from the lineside…you don’t know who might be reading!


30 03 2013

Yeah, I did wonder about that!


29 03 2013
Paul Shorrock

Great pics Carol 🙂 I know that for many the snow is a pain in the arse, especially if you have to battle through it to get to work – I love it, especially in the hills and mountains. I just wish we had a more ‘continental’ type climate that was snow one week and T-shirt weather the next!!


29 03 2013

I have to admit that I’d prefer it much warmer – I don’t even mind wetter so long as it’s warm. But, while we have the snow, I suppose it’s best to make the most of it with a camera! It can look very pretty which warm, dull and wet never really does.

Given a chance I’d move to a nice, hot, Middle-Eastern desert!


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