Blooming Beautiful Cumbrian Lanes

22 07 2013

Another photo post as I’m still waiting for my films back from the last 2 Munroing trips…

I’ve noticed that the summer hedgerows seem better than ever this year – the sheer variety and abundance of flowers has been amazing! The other evening I decided I should take my camera out on a rare low-level outing to try to capture some floral close-ups. I’ve also included some normal shots just to show the sheer abundance and colour encountered on just one mile of country lane.
Click on photos for full resolution

First of all – the hawthorns – I’ve never seen so many blooms per bush! Perhaps it was because they were at least a month late…

Abundance of May Blossom Cumbria 2013

Abundant May Blossoms Cumbria 2013

Hawthorn blossoms,Braithwaite

There was this lovely pink flower but I’m not sure what it is so, if anyone can enlighten me, I’ll be pleased to hear its name…

Wild Pink flowers (cropped)

Beautiful displays of wild dog roses…

Wild Roses

Some lovely mixtures of colours…

Cumbrian Hedgerow 2013

Meadow Cranesbill to Buttercups, Ireby

The hedge parsley was really prolific – and smelt beautiful in the warm sun…

Hedge Parsley, Uldale 2013

Even the commoner weeds of buttercup and dandelion were putting on a great show…

Buttercups, Uldale

Dandelion Clock1

And I was impressed by the farmer’s artistic efforts too 🙂

Ploughed Field Patterns to Binsey




10 responses

1 08 2013

Nice photos Carol, the farmers artistic efforts under Binsey looks pretty cool 🙂

I’m hoping for a better crop of Damsons & Sloes this year.


9 08 2013

Hopefully, as there have been so many flowers this year, it will translate into an abundance of fruit!


27 07 2013
jackie sowrey

Beautiful photographs Carol


27 07 2013

It’s been beautiful weather for a change – and wild flowers always look nice 🙂


23 07 2013

Lovely shots Carol. I think the first pink flower is a Cranesbill although it’s a little difficult from that angle, the alternative would be Greater Willowherb. The second pink flower is Red Campion. That’s about the extent of my knowledge! I agree with you – I think the weather seems to have promoted the growth of flowers and blossom.


23 07 2013

I know the campions. The first pink flower does look like a type of cranesbill but not the usual ‘meadow cranesbill’ which is in the later photo in front of the yellow field. Is the greater willowherb related to the rosebay willowherb? If it is, it’s not one of those as it’s too small. I’ll google the ones you’ve suggested anyway so thanks for the suggestions 🙂


23 07 2013

Looks like a nice part of the country you live in there. Very luxuriant hedgerows.


23 07 2013

It’s been pretty luxuriant everywhere I think – I’m sure it was the lateness of the growing season co-inciding with the hotter weather…


23 07 2013

What lovely photos, Carol! The hedges have been absolutely gorgeous this year and I’d noticed the abundance of hawthorn flowers around here, too.


23 07 2013

I’ve definitely never seen that amount of blossom on hawthorns – it was stunning!


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