2013 Stats Post / Happy New Year

31 12 2013

Feel free to add your own stats in the comments section below…


Here are my hill statistics for the year but I’ve only worked out the mileage and height gain for Scotland as it was too messy for the English stuff I did (no Welsh stuff this year unfortunately 😦 ).

Munros: 22 (5 guided, 15 solo, 2 with Richard)
Tops: 16 (1 guided the rest solo)
Corbetts: 1 (solo)
Wainwright Reascents: 53 & 2 halves (failed attempts on a summit!)
Wainwright Outlying: 2
Other English hills: 15
Total hills: 109

Scottish trips: 8
Hill days: 17 Scotland 24 England
Summit views (hill days when all wasn’t in the clag):
8 Scotland 11 England

Munros to go: 2

Miles walked (Scotland): 178
Height gain (Scotland): 57,846 feet
Miles cycled: 8
Miles rowed in a daft little boat: 4 😉

Car miles: 8000 approx – petrol £1000 (approx)

Guide costs: £640

Holiday Cottage nights: 2 weeks – £800
Hotels/B&Bs nights: 13 – £510
Youth Hostel nights (Loch Ossian): 1 – £19
Bunkhouse nights(Tulloch): 1 – £17
Bothy nights: none 😦
Car Camping: 6 blissful and free/cheap nights 🙂
Accommodation Total: £1381

Hope you all have a great year in 2014 and thanks for reading about my adventures 🙂




10 responses

2 01 2014

That height gain stat for Scotland alone is almost twice the height of Mount Everest. Best wishes for 2014 Carol and a happy new year.


2 01 2014

They’re quite low figures compared to 2011 though and I feel I had to work harder for them somehow this year! Maybe I’m just getting old…


1 01 2014
Scotlands Mountains

Happy New Year to you Carol 🙂

Hope to meet up with you on your last Munro this year 🙂

Like Alen said…the look on your face is priceless !


2 01 2014

I hope you can – it will be late May now I think and I’ll be studying the weather beforehand as much as I can.


1 01 2014
Paul Shorrock

Looks like a productive year Carol, especially satisfying after the injuries you had to cope with previously – have a good 2014 🙂


1 01 2014

Thanks Paul – hope you do too 🙂


31 12 2013

Hope you have a good year Carol, with only 2 to go I’m sure it will be 🙂


1 01 2014

I’m having these awful morbid fears that I’ll have some kind of illness or injury top stop me compleating now! Hope you have a good year next year and manage to get your island trips in you’re wanting to do. I’m really hoping for that return to the Hebs next year…


31 12 2013

Blimey, it must have taken you the best part of the year to work out those statistics. I like the picture. You have a sort of resigned, it-can’t-get-much-worse look on your face.
All the best, Alen


1 01 2014

Well I was nearing the end of the return along Am Basteir so I think I was quite happy. I didn’t mind the last 2 Cuillin – made me want to go back and do some more next year 😉


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