Hilarious – Wild Sheep Alert!

14 08 2015

Thanks to my friend Simon who posted this link elsewhere. Absolutely hilarious tale of a Lake District rescue! 😉

Grough Rescue Article



4 responses

20 08 2015

Good article. Mind you I still remember going round Dorset and the Cotswolds between villages decades ago and the darkness was incredible with only starlight to see the surroundings. From being cute and cosy picture postcard stuff it turned very strange and sinister as the light faded. Not a comfortable place to wander between villages when you don’t know the area.Darkness can be creepy in idyllic but populated areas sometimes.


20 08 2015

Yeah maybe… but I wouldn’t have called the Mountain Rescue!


14 08 2015

Hilarious article! Somebody should tell those young men, ‘it’s them who should be chasing sheep not the other way around.’ Sorry Carol, I couldn’t help it!


15 08 2015

LOL yeah – you’ve heard about the Welsh over there then too 😉


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