Meall Cumhann – Best Viewpoint in Glen Nevis!

30 06 2016

Sat 18 June 2016
I’ve been looking at this particular hill for a very long time now but not got around to doing it. I wasn’t even sure it was possible. On our last walking day of our Roybridge trip this year, Richard and I went up Glen Nevis and I decided this was the day at last…

Meall Cumhainn
Meall Cumhann middle of shot

click on photos for full size/resolution

Richard had no interest in accompanying me on even such a fascinating looking hill but we both set off from Achriabhach carpark to walk the rest of the glen up to the Nevis Gorge. The very jaggy, crag-filled Cumhann is in sight all the way up the glen track alongside the river. Although the nearer side is completely crag-girt, the map said the back was free of crag so I was hopeful.

Meall Cumhainn from Polldubh riverside path

We left the riverside path for the road at Paddy’s Bridge but noticed the path continued along the rising river bank – not sure where it goes in the end – I might follow it sometime to find out…

Glen Nevis - road to top carpark

Scots Pine, Glen Nevis

We passed through the very busy top carpark where several people commented we’d beaten their cars by walking up the hill – we’d only been strolling honest! We’d seen one motorcyclist asleep on a rock in the sun by the roadside (while his partner took photos) which amused me – we passed by quietly.

After the carpark we followed the spectacular path up to the top of the gorge where this scene bursts into view…

Upper Glen Nevis-An Gearanach & Steall

Upper Glen Nevis (isn’t the colour saturation better on these Fuji films – I’ve sacked Kodak!)

Upper Glen Nevis-An Gearanach (portrait)

Glen Nevis Steall Ruins
The Steall Ruin a few years back – there’s only stone bases left now. My route followed the river behind

We then split up – Richard to continue along the river through Upper Glen Nevis where I told him the views of the back of the Mamores and Grey Corries would be spectacular.

I turned left here to follow the nearer bank of the Allt Guiseachean. This is a beautiful walk and passes many lovely cascades and this lovely waterfall. There was a man skinny-dipping in a pool above this on my way back down who hurriedly dressed. If he’d stayed in the pool, and if I hadn’t been hurrying to catch Richard up, I’d have joined him πŸ™‚

Allt Guiseachean Fall

From here, the views back down to An Gearanach and The Mamores were superb!

An Gearanach!

and The Ben came into view (my hill just poking into view on the left)…

Ben Nevis & CMD from Guiseachean

Binneins Mor & Beag from Guiseachean

Binneins Mor and Beag (Beag is so cute!) πŸ˜‰

Binneins from Guiseachean

Binnein Mor & An Gearanach from Guiseachean

A better view of my hill appeared on the left below The Ben – I could see promising-looking grassy rakes before the crags – it looked easy enough

Meall Cumhann & Ben Nevis

Aonach Beag from top of Guiseachean

Aonach Beag – we came down from the Aonachs this way the first time we did them…

Aonach Beag from the back

At the top of the climb up the river, I turned up my hill and headed for the rake before the crags that I’d seen. The ascent was horrendously steep (although it doesn’t look it in the photo) and was a hands and feet job most of the way. I wasn’t the only person to come up this way though as I found someone’s abandoned drinks can!

After the grass rake past the crags the ground was much less steep but I could see I had quite a way further to go. It was a hot day and I wasn’t going well at all (seems to be my current state now) 😦

Eventually I reached the summit ridge where there are three peaks which all look around the same height so I set about visiting them all. The middle one had a beautiful lochan which made a superb foreground for the dramatic views from this peak!

Sgurry Mhaim across Cumhainn Lochan

Glen Nevis from Meall Cumhainn
Looking down to Glen Nevis

CMD From Meall Cumhainn Lochan
The glen between the Carn Mor Dearg Arete (CMD) and the Aonachs

Mamores from Cumhann
Sgurr a’ Mhaim, Mamores

Carn Dearg & Waterslide from Cumhann Lochan
The Waterslide and Carn Dearg – the Munro Top I did on Ben Nevis last year

An Gearanach from Meall Cumhainn

the spectacular An Gearanach (can’t choose between these two!)

An Gearanach from Meall Cumhainn1

CMD from Meall Cumhainn Lochan1

The back of Ben Nevis has a fantastic gully I’d never noticed before – although it is fully visible from the glen!

Ben Nevis from Cumhainn Lochan

As it was so hot, I sat with my feet in the lochan for a while to refresh them while I had coffee and a shortcake biscuit πŸ™‚

Meall Cumhainn Lochan

This is a stupendous view of the back of the Ben and this is my favourite photo I think!

Ben Nevis Back - Fantastic Gully!

Meall Cumhainn Summit & Descent End

I think this grassy summit is the highest and there is a nice way down off the end. There is also a little path running through the valley in the gap which comes up from either the start of the Waterslide Path or, I think, also comes up from the Gorge Path. On the Gorge Path, a fairly lusty burn comes down across the path and, if you look on the left, a couple of definite paths set off steeply up the burnsides through the undergrowth. Might try those as well sometime as this hill is well worth another visit πŸ™‚



15 responses

4 02 2019
Robin Wallace

That looked magic. You’d get a tent pitched no problem?


5 02 2019

Aye, it’s a great summit viewpoint. You would get a tent between some of the three summits but not by the lochan I don’t think. I’m after going up that ridge onto Ben Nevis in the photos sometime – one of my readers has beaten me to it after looking at this post – she says it’s pretty slabby and some of the slabs are a bit hairy but can be got around…

Liked by 1 person

20 11 2018

Natalie has just done most of the route I’ve had my eye on here – I’m hoping to emulate her next year!


16 07 2016

What a cracking little hill. I remember walking down that valley from Carn Mor Dearg and recalling spots for a swim. Trouble is by the time it’s warm enough to consider a swim in Scotland, the midges are out!


17 07 2016

Actually, there were no midges at all. I would definitely have had a dip if I hadn’t had to catch Richard up πŸ™‚


5 07 2016

Love Glen Nevis πŸ˜€ Great pics πŸ˜€

Kodak went bankrupt are their films possibly old stock near the end of their shelf life or cheap ones using their brand name?

Cheers Simon


11 07 2016

Whatever they are, I’ve sacked them off. The Fuji and Agfa ones are so much better – I think they’re cheaper too!


3 07 2016

Isn’t Scotland stunning! The photos really do it justice. Looks like your limbs are a bit better now?


11 07 2016

They were until this week – but you’ll have to wait weeks for the post of the walk which caused that! I’ve got a huge backlog just now…


1 07 2016

Very good hike. I would have enjoyed tagging along. The Fuji film looks good. Like the shot of the old ruins from your last trip. Looks like a lovely day. You must have been disappointed not to have to hike in the rain. πŸ™‚


11 07 2016

LOL – nope – it was lovely to have a nice day for a change!


1 07 2016

You got some cracking views there. Like the little lochan!

I’ve thought about having a dip on the way off a hill but never actually done it.


1 07 2016

It was a lovely hot day for a change and I definitely would have been in one of the pools if I hadn’t had to rush after Richard who was doing a much shorter walk!


1 07 2016
Jim Ruebush



1 07 2016

It was a truly beautiful viewpoint and there look to be some interesting ways up it apart from my routes so I’ll definitely be visiting it again.

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