Hearing Both Sides

21 03 2018

Richard got the bus up to my house the other day and related this tale which I found most amusing…

Our buses are small 16 seaters and are always full of bus-pass pensioners – Richard and I are the only paying customers who use them (despite being just as old!). None of them are Yorkshire folk but mostly imports from the south of the country. These two were Londoners…

A woman got out her mobile and said;
“I’m on the 2 o’ clock bas, where are you?” (they don’t say bus like us down there…)

A reply came from a few seats away;
“I’m on the 2 o’ clock bas”

“Which 2 o’ clock bas?”

“The Embsay 2 o’ clock bas”

“Well I’m on the Embsay 2 o’ clock bas”

They finally turned round to look at each other – husband and wife and never even noticed each other sitting 2 rows apart!

When Richard related this to me, complete with cockney-type accents, I shrieked with laughter… good job I wasn’t on the bas!



8 responses

26 03 2018

We aren’t all like that down here! Mind you I’m a brummie and my husband is Glaswegian, we just live in London..


27 03 2018

I didn’t know you were a Brummie? same as Richard!


24 03 2018
Geoffrey Sturdy

well you can take the man out of the south but you can’t take the south out of the man.. hope things are going well with you Carol


25 03 2018

I suppose that’s true of us northerners too! 😉 I’m not too bad but am still trying hard to retire!


22 03 2018
Blue Sky Scotland

Thank **** for that. 10 attempts to post a comment on here. Success eventually!!! Thank you unwanted and completely un-needed upgrades for improving my life in every way- not! Seems to be a cold war going on between WordPress and Blogger-.Increasingly hard to communicate between them when it used to be so easy.


22 03 2018

Wow – didn’t know there were ever problems posting comments on WordPress – I comment on a lot of other sites. I think you’re right that it must be some kind of cross blogging platform war!


22 03 2018
Blue Sky Scotland

Very App-T


22 03 2018
Paul Shorrock

Haha, priceless!


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