Goodbye UFO (sadly)

7 04 2019

Thu 28 Mar 2019
I just had a trip to Newcastle’s O2 Arena to see UFO’s final tour ‘Last Orders’. If they really have retired, it’s a sad day for rock but I believe they have 😦

Richard decided to come with me for a (mainly booze-related) trip to Newcastle. Although he likes UFO and rock music, he doesn’t really go to concerts – not sure why – maybe he thinks he’s too old but he’s younger than the group’s stalwarts! Phil Mogg must be in his 70s now when you consider UFO started in 1969 and this year was their 50th anniversary…

The support group were very interesting, the lead being a female singer/lead guitarist. She is called Tara Lynch (not sure if she’s related to George of Dokken fame and virtuosity) and she’s from LA (as were Dokken). She was an excellent guitarist anyway…

I had my customary look around the members of the group for a ‘favourite’ (well, you’ve gotta have something to look at 😉 ) and decided I liked the bassist, a dark-haired Swedish guy. Strangely enough, he also seemed to be looking at me quite often but I was on the front row so decided I was possibly the only woman or something (I wasn’t as it turned out). After all, I’m nearly 62 now and definitely no oil painting!

As their set ended, I was looking elsewhere when a beautiful bass guitar suddenly appeared in front of my face! Yep – it was being proffered to get my attention. I sort of went to grab it but protested I couldn’t play a note and, of course, he was only joking about passing it to me.

I have to admit it made my night but, afterwards, when I was telling Richard about it, we laughingly agreed it might be construed as sexual harassment by some women nowdays, so hysterical has the feminism scene become! I’m going to put an interesting set of ‘rules’ at the end of this post which I read the other day – might calm some of the more strident feminists down. I used to think I was a feminist but can’t identify with things as they are nowadays – I think we got quite a good balance of equality in the end. I haven’t noticed being sidelined in favour of men anyway…

Onto the main set – the mighty UFO…

I suppose there isn’t a lot to say but they played a great set with many old favourites so I had a good old bounce around, sing, shout, fist-pump etc and generally enjoyed myself down the front (probably annoyed the hell out of those behind but there you go). There were a few songs I didn’t know so I’ll probably go and seek them out as they were good.

Phil (Mogg) looked great still despite losing his hair and is still in great voice – many singers lose their voices almost completely after 50 years. He didn’t seem to make much eye contact with the audience but I think I got a quick wink when I removed my top! (it was only my jacket honest) but he had plenty to say to us between songs.

Andy Parker (drums) was first on stage and the crowd were much amused when some wag shouted “Good evening Mr Parker” to him as he sat at his drum kit. He still has plenty of energy and is obviously very popular.

Vinny Moore (lead guitar) has been with the group since 2003 and really was the main man during the set. He has a lot of rapport with the audience and is a superb and dynamic guitarist.

I hadn’t looked up the lineup prior to the concert but was sure it was my old favourite Paul Raymond on keyboards/guitar. It was him of course and, apart from looking older, he still looks great to me. He’s definitely the quiet, unassuming one in the group and, unfortunately, he was down the far end of the stage from me.

The bassist, Rob de Luca, an American, was completely unknown to me…

My favourite song of the night was Doctor, Doctor at the start of the encore – I went completely wild for this one – just great to leap around to. All too soon though, the concert ended – great to see them again but sad it was probably for the last time 😦

As promised above
These were rules in the contracts to be signed by female teachers right up to the second world war! If they didn’t sign, they didn’t get the job!

1. You will NOT marry during your term of contract
2. You are NOT to keep company with men
3. You MUST be home between the hours of 8pm and 6am
4. You may NOT loiter downtown in ice-cream stores
5. You may NOT travel beyond the city limit without permission of the board (!!!!)
6. You may NOT travel in a carriage or automobile with any man unless he is your father or your brother (shades of the Middle East/Pakistan here)
7. You may NOT smoke cigarettes
8. You may NOT dress in bright colours
9. You may UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES dye your hair
11. Your dresses MUST NOT be any shorter than 2 inches above the ankle

I don’t think we can moan nowadays really…
(excerpt taken from an article by Mick Jane in our local magazine)

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6 responses

8 04 2019
Alli Templeton

Great post, Carol. UFO, wow! So glad you had such an amazing evening, and I’m not surprised having a guitar being offered to you made your night – it would mine. I completely agree with you about this feminist thing. It has gone way too far the other way. Poor men, they don’t even feel they can pay a woman a compliment now without being accused of some heinous crime. Ridiculous. Love the rules – mad! 🙂


11 04 2019

Yeah – I think the future of male/female relationships is very dim!


7 04 2019
Blue Sky Scotland

I’ve heard of them but know nothing about their songs or history- unusual for a 1960s/1970s group so I’m guessing its not my type of music but I will look them up on You Tube. Glad you enjoyed the night.


11 04 2019

They’re pretty varied and I’m sure you’d like them. Listen to quite a few different albums/tracks and you’ll find something you like I’m sure


7 04 2019

I can only hope that you did not visit an ice cream store after the gig, downtown or otherwise!!


11 04 2019

LOL – nope, we went around the pubs and bars – that okay? 😉

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