Chome & Parkhouse Hills, White Peak

28 05 2018

Wed 18 Apr 2018
One reason I’d decided to take my first ‘UK Breakaways’ holiday at Buxton in the White Peak in Derbyshire was that I’d seen photos of two completely astounding hills. I studied the map and googled where you did them from and, yes, they were near Buxton – about 8 miles away in fact. These were my number ONE priority for the trip! Read the rest of this entry »

Monsal Head (White Peak) from the A6

6 05 2018

Thu 19 Apr 18
I was sent a cheap holidays leaflet through the post recently – UK Breakaways – Richard and I had a browse and thought it looked worth a try. As we haven’t really done much in Derbyshire (I’ve only been to the Dark Peak and only once), we decided Buxton in the White Peak District could be very nice. And, as my last walk was from the A6 (but in Cumbria), I thought it would be nice to make the next post also from the A6! Read the rest of this entry »