Sometimes it’s Okay to say You’re Not Okay

13 06 2018

I was at work the other night and, because our coffee machine wasn’t working, had to take a trip out of our restricted area to get one. I bumped into a nice cleaning lady who I know by sight and she said hello and asked, traditionally, if I was ‘alright’. Now, normally, I’d end the whole conversation, as most of us do, by saying automatically; “Yes thanks” and continuing on my way. However, this time, I decided to be truthful and said “No, not really”… Read the rest of this entry »

6 Weeks Off?!

15 07 2017

15 July 2017
As you all probably know by now, I’m having hip problems, especially after my Tops Compleation in Scotland – Scotland is much, much harder walking than the rest of Britain. Well yesterday I decided I’d given it long enough to sort itself out and finally went to see the doctor… Read the rest of this entry »

Dormant Bottom Syndrome!

30 06 2016

I’ve been meaning to put out another post on my wearing-hip problems and how I’m dealing with them. Suddenly though, the Daily Mail Online put out an article on it beating me to it.
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Niggling Groin Strain? Get an X-Ray!

12 02 2016

Around three years ago now, I started with a ‘niggling groin strain’ – I decided to google it, as you do. At first, I didn’t find the right information, despite looking in the right places, i.e. medical websites and things like running forums to find how people were recovering from such an injury (or not, as the case may be). But you need to do a lot of googling sometimes to find the real answers…
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Do The NHS Know What They’re Doing?

12 09 2012

Another moany update about my broken bones…

Not sure what’s going on with the NHS consultant surgeons in orthopaedics but I’m upset and confused after my Monday visit for my latest checkup on my non-healing broken toe. Read the rest of this entry »

Yet More Breaking News :-(

2 07 2012

Well, my wrist is thinking about getting better but still poorly… however, it isn’t feeling quite so alone any more as I’ve gone and broken my big toe to match. The surgeon is going to monitor it for a week before deciding whether he’ll need to operate on it as, again, it’s a very nasty break 😦

So, now I’m completely housebound and can’t go out for a walk even. I just have one more report and photos to write up (when I can type two-handed) and then it’s off to the archives I think.

I can see a lot more photos only posts coming out for a couple of months…

I sure hope I can get back to the hills (on foot) one day…

‘Breaking’ News!

21 05 2012

Sorry for the brief replies for the next couple of months but I can no longer type! I slipped on a muddy banking on the way to work on Fri night and shattered my arm! 😦

So doesn’t look like I’ll be ‘compleating’ this year after all! 😦

Damn that osteoporosis! I knew it would get me one day! Gutted!

I’m off work for at least 6 weeks and have had to have my arm internally wired up!