Days off Around Fort William-Loch Arkaig & Dark Mile

7 08 2016

June 2016
Having only had one actual objective for my week at Roybridge near Fort William meant Richard and I had quite a few ‘days off’ – this was one of them. It had rained most of the day but we were expecting a dry spell late afternoon so decided to find a short walk – this 5 miler was perfect!

Grey Corries across Loch Lochy
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Meall Cumhann – Best Viewpoint in Glen Nevis!

30 06 2016

Sat 18 June 2016
I’ve been looking at this particular hill for a very long time now but not got around to doing it. I wasn’t even sure it was possible. On our last walking day of our Roybridge trip this year, Richard and I went up Glen Nevis and I decided this was the day at last…

Meall Cumhainn
Meall Cumhann middle of shot
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Lead Mining – a Black & White Issue?

12 05 2016

A while ago, I bought a black & white film as I wanted to try one again, having not used one for ages. I always think black and white is a bit subject-specific though…

The other day I was offered a lift for my day’s walk to an area of old lead mines on the moors above Grassington in the Yorkshire Dales. What a perfect subject I thought and grabbed the film out of my drawer and loaded it into my spare 35mm camera, the Olympus Trip 35.

Yarnbury Mines (Distant-cropped-B&W)
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My Dinnertime Walk

17 03 2016

Wherever I work, I always go for a walk in my dinner-hour and explore the area widely until I find walks I like. They all need to be around three-quarters of an hour long so I can get something to eat first. This is my current one…

Eller Beck, Skipton Woods
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Tarn Hows – Summer and Winter

22 02 2016

We normally visit Tarn Hows in summer as the tarn, although man-made, is justly famous for its beauty – especially its reflections. Once though, we were at a loose end in thick, soft snow in winter and walked up from Coniston to have a look. Quite some contrast but still beautiful…

Tarn Hows(soft)
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Stark, Bare & Beautiful

31 01 2016

Winter trees that is… You can’t beat the variety and shapes trees in their winter form give us – a real gift to photographers! Here are a few I’ve collected over the years…

Gordale-limestone tree
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Days off Around Braemar – Linns o’ Dee & Quoich

28 11 2015

Wed 30 Sep 2015
After my long Four Tops walk up Glen Derry, I was far too exhausted the next day to do anything except gentle strolling. It was also a very hot day indeed – the hottest of the year so far – funny for the last day in September. Braemar was also the hottest place in Britain that week! Read the rest of this entry »

Days off Around Braemar – Muir O’ Dinnet

20 11 2015

Mon 28 Sep 2015
Now I’m getting older and my joints are wearing, I can’t hillwalk every day – I generally take every other day off. The first two hillwalks I did at Braemar on the last visit were big days so we both took a day off to be tourists the day after. This was the first of them and was to Muir O’ Dinnet and the famous Burn O’ Vat.
Burn O'Vat(scaled-B)
this photo was taken by me of my parents at the Burn O’ Vat with my mother’s Zenit B camera – my camera’s older brother
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Brimham Rocks

4 05 2015

Luckily for me, I don’t live too far from this superb area of rock architecture but I don’t visit nearly often enough. On the times I do, I unfortunately get stuck on many of the rock towers as I find many of them easy to ascend but hellish to get back down again!

Brimham rocks-distant towers & heather
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Water View

26 04 2015

In Britain, it is the usual ‘sport’ to complain about the sheer amount of water we receive from our grey skies – but at least it makes for wonderful photos! Here are some of my favourite stretches of water…

yConwy Estuary1
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