Tarn Hows – Summer and Winter

22 02 2016

We normally visit Tarn Hows in summer as the tarn, although man-made, is justly famous for its beauty – especially its reflections. Once though, we were at a loose end in thick, soft snow in winter and walked up from Coniston to have a look. Quite some contrast but still beautiful…

Tarn Hows(soft)
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Stark, Bare & Beautiful

31 01 2016

Winter trees that is… You can’t beat the variety and shapes trees in their winter form give us – a real gift to photographers! Here are a few I’ve collected over the years…

Gordale-limestone tree
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Days off Around Braemar – Linns o’ Dee & Quoich

28 11 2015

Wed 30 Sep 2015
After my long Four Tops walk up Glen Derry, I was far too exhausted the next day to do anything except gentle strolling. It was also a very hot day indeed – the hottest of the year so far – funny for the last day in September. Braemar was also the hottest place in Britain that week! Read the rest of this entry »

Days off Around Braemar – Muir O’ Dinnet

20 11 2015

Mon 28 Sep 2015
Now I’m getting older and my joints are wearing, I can’t hillwalk every day – I generally take every other day off. The first two hillwalks I did at Braemar on the last visit were big days so we both took a day off to be tourists the day after. This was the first of them and was to Muir O’ Dinnet and the famous Burn O’ Vat.
Burn O'Vat(scaled-B)
this photo was taken by me of my parents at the Burn O’ Vat with my mother’s Zenit B camera – my camera’s older brother
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Brimham Rocks

4 05 2015

Luckily for me, I don’t live too far from this superb area of rock architecture but I don’t visit nearly often enough. On the times I do, I unfortunately get stuck on many of the rock towers as I find many of them easy to ascend but hellish to get back down again!

Brimham rocks-distant towers & heather
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Water View

26 04 2015

In Britain, it is the usual ‘sport’ to complain about the sheer amount of water we receive from our grey skies – but at least it makes for wonderful photos! Here are some of my favourite stretches of water…

yConwy Estuary1
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The Motorway Service Station Gateway to Scotland

18 04 2015

Why on earth is the Mountain Coward writing about service stations I hear you mutter (hopefully you’ve opened this post though). Well, partly because I can’t really hill-walk at the moment (severe leg problems). Also because the first sensible service station to visit on the way north on our regular pilgrimages to Scotland from England is, of course, Annandale Water. Read the rest of this entry »