Fairy Pools, Glenbrittle, Skye

16 04 2017

If you have an hour or so to spare whilst on Skye, the Fairy Pools at Glenbrittle are well worth a visit. The only problem is timing your visit as they are exceedingly popular with both tourists (in cars) and midges. If you go late enough to park and avoid the crowds, you get eaten alive!

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Dramatic Neist Point, Skye

24 02 2017

After seeing various postcards in the tourist shops of Neist Point, Richard and I decided it looked well worth a visit and hunted it down on the map. It was on the western most point of the landmass to the west of Dunvegan – we resolved to visit it on our next non-hill day…

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The Back Way Between Armadale & Broadford

17 02 2017

Despite the road between Armadale and Broadford being a good, fast road (something I love), last time we came from the ferry at Armadale, Richard spotted this back road on the map which looked to take a more interesting detour – it did! This road, if driven in the direction of Armadale to Broadford, yields superb views of the Black Cuillin and the Red Hills… Read the rest of this entry »

Rubha an Dunain, Skye

24 01 2017

May 2016
On my Skye Club trip last year, I arrived a day too early and, wanting to break myself in gently, went for this flat walk from the mountaineering hut in Glenbrittle to the point of Rubha an Dunain – the point of the little fort. The walk is easy, about 7 miles each way with not much up and down and a reasonable path until near the end. Read the rest of this entry »

MacLeod’s Tables, Skye

24 07 2016

Thu 26 May 2016
Still on the Skye club hut meet and I’d by now realised I wasn’t going to get asked to join anyone in any exciting exploits on the Cuillin Ridge. I decided it was time I got on with some of the many hills on the island which I’d been wanting to do for ages but been distracted from by the main ridge. Time for something completely different… MacLeod’s Tables – two grassy but extremely steep table-topped hills in the north-west of the island.

Macleod's Tables
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Beinn Dearg Big and Middle (Red Cuillin)

18 07 2016

Mon 23 May 2016
This was my second day at the Glenbrittle Hut with my club (I’d already accidentally had a day there with someone else’s club!) and I’d been left out of all the walking/scrambling/climbing plans by everyone so had to amuse myself. This route had always appealed to me as it took in two of the Red Cuillin which are famously scree-ridden but took a grassy route for much of the way, especially the ascent/descent – as I hate slithering around on steep scree, that was important to me. Read the rest of this entry »

Bruach na Frithe North Ridge

11 07 2016

Tue 24 May 2016
This was day three of our climbing club’s Glenbrittle Memorial Hut meet and I was starting to learn… Learn to climb better? no… learn to scramble better? nope… I was starting to learn that no-one was going to ask me to accompany them on anything being done by the various members of the club. Time to take a different tack…

Bruach na Frithe North Ridge Profile
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The Old Man Of Storr

14 12 2015

The day before I hired my guide for the Cuillin, we spent a day further north on the island with a visit to the famous ‘Old Man of Storr’. This is a vast area of weird rock pinnacles with a spectacular mountain behind…

Storr, Cathedral, Old Man, Gorilla
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Tidal Isle of Oronsay, Skye

16 11 2015

Having to go back to photographic posts for a while as my back has completely gone and its future, at present, is looking bleak 😦 These were from our Skye trip this summer and have been waiting in the wings behind the walking posts since then… Read the rest of this entry »

Sgurr a’ Ghreadaidh & Banachdich Tops – Gripping Stuff!

13 08 2015

Thu 9 July 2015
This was the Cuillin round I’d been dreading ever since I’d decided to bag Munro Tops as it traverses the exceedingly narrow South Top of Sgurr a’ Ghreadaidh – probably the narrowest section of ridge in Scotland! I wanted good weather for this – no rain and no wind – as we’d saved this for the Thursday, I was lucky and it was a calm and fine day, although cold and dull.

I’d woken a couple of times in the night with nerves – how would I find the knife-edged ridge? Would I be terrified on the sections where I would have to sit astride and shuffle my way along? Was I even supple enough nowadays to shuffle along a ridge with no footholds on the sides? How long was that section and would my nerve hold out? At last it was time for me to get up and meet my guide Andy at The Slig to find out – I was almost relieved to get out of bed… Read the rest of this entry »