Liathach Traverse

5 11 2016

Wed 12 Oct 2016

The day after my Ghuibhais walk (previous post), I joined another Steve Fallon Group walk – this time on my erstwhile ‘bete noire’ – Liathach! Would my chest hold out for such a steep and hard climb? Would I freak out in a total funk like last time? it’s a pretty fearsome beast…

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Ben Nevis Ledge Route & CMD

3 09 2016

Mon 4 July 2016
This was another day out organised with Steve Fallon, although he wasn’t doing the guiding this time…

At the start of the year, feeling a bit of a daredevil, I booked up with Steve Fallon to do several ambitious scrambling routes in the Scottish mountains. The first was my Forcan Ridge trip in June – this was the second and there is one more to come.

Ledge Route
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Bruach na Frithe North Ridge

11 07 2016

Tue 24 May 2016
This was day three of our climbing club’s Glenbrittle Memorial Hut meet and I was starting to learn… Learn to climb better? no… learn to scramble better? nope… I was starting to learn that no-one was going to ask me to accompany them on anything being done by the various members of the club. Time to take a different tack…

Bruach na Frithe North Ridge Profile
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Forcan Ridge with Steve Fallon

26 06 2016

Sat 4 June 2016
For ages I’d debated and stressed about the best way to approach the gnarly Munro Top of Sgurr nan Forcan – I was starting to think it was going to be my hardest top…

Forcan Ridge & The Saddle fm Meallan Odhar
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Glen Achall Gorge Scramble, Ullapool

7 11 2015

On one of my days off around Ullapool this summer, where the weather wasn’t really suitable for the higher hills, I took to my usual favourite glen – Glen Achall. This can be used as a long route to Seana Braigh but I just cycle to the end of the landrover track and back – about 8 miles each way. This time, on the way back, I had a look at a gorge scramble I’d been eyeing for a while…

Ullapool Hillwalk-Glen Achall1
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Am Basteir – The Executioner!

17 09 2013

Wed 28 August 2013

The day before we were to do Am Basteir, Richard wrecked his knee – it would just be me and Jonah the guide then… Despite the fact that I’d done the In Pinn without any difficulties on the Sunday, the weather was more dubious for this one and I wouldn’t be on the rope as much so I was again very nervous the night before. Read the rest of this entry »

The Inaccessible Pinnacle – Part 2

5 09 2013

Part 1 of this report left you hanging above the scary Inaccessible Pinnacle (or In Pinn) just before I had to tackle it. I’d put my rock boots on and had a little rest – now the time had come to head down the steep slope to tackle my rock climb of around 150 feet up the steep, very narrow and exposed east ridge…

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