Sgurr Mhic-Choinn-eeeek!

31 05 2012

Wed 9 May 2012

Richard was back with me and Ryan-the-guide for this walk after his rest day but, as we drove to the carpark to meet up, we had no idea what peak we’d be doing – I was hoping for Sgurr Dubh Mor – a peak which hasn’t managed to get me worried at all so far on my various studies about it. We met Ryan and he greeted us with the fact that we were off to do my most dreaded Cuillin of all – the super-exposed Sgurr Mhic Choinnich! Everyone reading this probably by now knows that I find the easiest, most cowardly route up every peak I tackle – well, the bad news for fellow mountain cowards for this one is… you’re doomed!

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Sgurr Alasdair – King of the Cuillin

25 05 2012

Tue 8 May 2012

Day 2 of my Cuillin ordeal… sorry, challenge! Richard wasn’t with us for this walk as he decided three days Munroing in a row was enough so he was having a rest day. I met up with Ryan-the-guide at 0900 at the same little carpark in Carbost and we set off round to Glenbrittle – we were to do Sgurr Alasdair, he announced. I was fairly ambivalent about this – I didn’t see it as my hardest challenge, apart from the Great Stone Chute, but the weather was looking none too good so I didn’t want something too difficult anyway. My horror of descending very steep scree was going to be my biggest problem on this one as the stone chute is over a thousand feet high and very steep indeed!

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An Dorus Twins (Mhadaidh & Ghreadaidh)

19 05 2012

Mon 7 May 2012

The night before our first Cuillin walk, our guide Ryan, visited our holiday cottage to make plans and check our equipment – he also had forms for us to fill in – I joked they were ‘Organ Donation’ forms! Joking apart though, I was pretty worried about our planned activities in the Cuillin which was why I’d had to hire a guide. It probably needs saying at this point that there are two kinds of Cuillin mountain guide – the ‘non-technical’ guides who are local and know the Cuillin Ridge like the back of their hands, and the ‘technical’ guides like Ryan, who would be able to rope me up for the bad bits – very necessary in my case! Read the rest of this entry »

Bored With Mountains – Let’s Have Motorbikes Instead!

19 01 2012

Thought I’d put out a different subject of post for a change – I’d written this originally for the magazine of my bike club and, as I think it’s quite amusing, thought I’d put it on here. I notice other walkers sometimes have posts on other subjects on their blogs anyway. This is about my Army days and motorcycling in the 70s… Read the rest of this entry »

Unflattering Photos of my Bum! ;-)

21 03 2011

Just woken the neighbours having total hysterics… The reason is that I’ve just borrowed Richard’s new digital camera (don’t worry, he’s still keeping his Nikon film one) and am getting some pictures off it which he took of me last Sunday. We’ve taken to going to the famous Cow & Calf rocks on Ilkla Moor Bar t’at to scramble the various easier routes there… Read the rest of this entry »