Jabal Harun, Jordan (plus links to The High Place & Wadi Rum Docs)

1 09 2011

Apr 2002

The highest peak in the Petra area of Jordan is Jabal Harun (or Haroun), the summit of which has “Aaron’s Tomb” situated on it in a white building atop the summit crags. The mountain is steep sided and has a plateau running from south to north with an area of large crags on the north end and a breach running up the middle of the terraced area on the east side of the mountain. The north side is also terraced but much steeper – there is a way up those terraces too but much harder. Read the rest of this entry »

Wadi Mudhlim – Alternative Route into Petra, Jordan

3 04 2011
Don’t think of using this as a free route into Petra – you still have to pay as it’s past the gate!

When I was in Jordan on one of my many trips in 2001/2, I read about an alternative to The Siq route into Petra from Wadi Musa. That is via Wadi Mudhlim – the dry river valley of the Moslem. This starts at the entrance to The Siq and begins with a 90 yard Nabatean tunnel immediately to your right. It was a little tense when I did this route the first time as I couldn’t be absolutely certain of the route, especially as there are some forks in the wadi. Also there are 2 waterfalls to jump down off which would be extremely difficult to reverse, I was alone, pretty sure I was in the right Wadi but not absolutely certain, and of course your mobile doesn’t work in such a deep gorge! Read the rest of this entry »