Sgurr Cos na Breachd-Laoigh, Loch Arkaig

18 08 2017

Wed 9 Aug 2017
This walk prompted a new motto for my walking career, such as it is since my severe hip deterioration – no more pathless peaks! This, unfortunately, is going to rule out a great many of the Corbetts proving that you’re best to do those first before you wear out!

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Grievous Guibhais

27 10 2016

Tue 11 Oct 2016
Now I have to start this post by reassuring readers that this hill isn’t really grievous – it’s just my play on the Gaelic sound of the name Guibhais – in Gaelic bh = v – therefore I always imagine it sounds like Jonathan ‘Wossy’ Ross saying ‘grevious’ 😆 It’s actually a very nice hill indeed and another tick on my ‘Corbett’ list – not that I’m ever going to be doing ‘The Corbetts’.

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Misgivings on Moruisg

24 01 2016

Mar 2010
I always thought, whenever I drove down Strathcarron, that Moruisg (the mouse) was the simpler of the Munros down the glen and therefore decided to tackle it first. Little was I to know how wrong my day would go and how Moruisg was to make me very nervous about tackling all the other Strathcarron Munros – a nervousness which was quite unfounded as they are all fine really.
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