Haunted Hebrides

12 01 2015

For five years, when I was in the Army back in the late ’70s, I lived on the Outer Hebrides, specifically the Isles of Benbecula, North and South Uist. The three islands are joined by causeways across the North and South Fords and we lived on Benbecula and worked on South Uist.

I’ve always been fairly susceptible to ‘atmosphere’ in a place and have quite a few times seen various types of unexplainable sightings and apparitions. My mother is the same and we both have a penchant for wandering off alone, me mostly at night – I particularly like misty nights… I always found South Uist particularly ‘atmospheric’ and Benbecula fairly so, depending on the location – sometimes to the point of creepiness.

1Triuirebheinn view
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