Mooching at Long Meg, Lacey’s Caves et al

9 03 2021

Wed 24 February 2021

As I had to spend a whole day away from my house while some disruptive work was being done I decided to hunt the only area with a survivable weather window to walk for several hours in – our area was going to be deluged with heavy rain and all my nearby mountains were too.  It looked to have a small area of light rain all day around Langwathby so (lockdown notwithstanding) I set off over there.  Before people get too upset, I really don’t think I had any other choice and it’s only around a 25 mile drive anyway and I drive 20 miles each way to work many days each week. Read the rest of this entry »

Walking Hartley & Gate Crags, Eskdale

1 03 2021

Tue 6 October 2020

The day before we did the walk in the Brant Rake post, we decided to take a mosey up to the Devoke Water Hills proper (Outlying Wainwrights) – the great thing about staying at Boot in Eskdale is that this is one of the many hillwalks you can do right from the hotel door.  Even though the Devoke Water hills were the aim of the walk, of course I had my eye on others – I never tell Richard this though in case of a revolt…

Gate & Hartley Crags from Boot village

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Brant Rake, Eskdale

4 02 2021

Wed 7 Oct 2020

One of the few trips Richard and I had last year between all the lockdowns and Tiers was to Eskdale – one of my favourite Lakeland valleys.  I’d had my eye on an interesting zig-zag path up the fellside leaving Eskdale in the direction of Devoke Water for years now – I’d looked on the map and seen this was ‘Brant Rake’.  As I’d broken my toe in the hotel room the night before, we needed something easy so I decided this was the day… Read the rest of this entry »

Drama in the Grassy Northern Fells – Frozen Fell Gill

17 01 2021

Sat 22 Aug & Sun 20 Sep 20
I’ve always subscribed to the view that the Northern Fells (‘back o’ Skidda’) are completely safe and non-scary and with no drama or excitement whatsoever. So, with perfect confidence, I set off to tackle one of the gills which looked interesting – it had a spectacular waterfall near the start but I was sure I could get up it… Read the rest of this entry »

Test Post – Stray Photos

29 11 2020

Due to the sheer awfulness of WordPress’s new ‘block editor’, I’m having to do a completely test post. These are photos which surfaced later than  some of the walks I’ve already posted and I simply dare not edit the existing posts in case I end up breaking them so I’m putting them in a post of their own! Read the rest of this entry »

High Pike via Brandy Gill & Carrock Mines

23 10 2020

Wed 9 September 2020
Another gill I’d been eyeing up for quite some time – Brandy Gill which rises from Carrock Mines and goes between Carrock Fell & High Pike. This is how NOT to do it! Read the rest of this entry »

Seathwaite Fell by Grains and Taylor Gills

2 10 2020

Thu 27 Aug 2020
The second day of our Borrowdale trip. Richard was having knee problems and was walking quite slowly so we decided to set out up Grains Gill and decide at the top whether to do Esk Pike or just to do Seathwaite Fell. Either way, we were coming back down via Styhead and Taylorgill… Read the rest of this entry »

Green Gable, Base Brown & Brandreth

20 09 2020

Wed 26 Aug 2020
Richard and my first trip away this year I think – certainly the first since the Covid crisis started anyway. We didn’t go far – just to one of our favourite hotels down Borrowdale.

It might seem silly for me to go to stay down Borrowdale now I’m a ‘northern Cumbrian’ but it actually makes sense really. For a start, the hoteliers are friends of ours and also it meant we could just leave the car at the hotel for the whole visit and just do walks from there. With the current parking and visitor chaos in the Lake District, that was a very good thing! Read the rest of this entry »

Whinlatter Round aka ‘Caught in the Forest’!

8 09 2020

Tue 7 April 2020
This was during lockdown but, as I’d had to travel to Keswick anyway, I did the walk on my way back. I knew all the Whinlatter Forest carparks were shut (and so the Forestry people thought that Whinlatter Forest was also shut) but I also knew there was roadside parking. There were a couple of other cars there and I bumped into one girl just coming back from the hill (although, of course, at a 6 foot social-distance!)… Read the rest of this entry »

Blencathra via Halls Fell & Doddick – in record time!

16 08 2020

Sat 11 July 20
Well it was record time for me anyway… this was after work – I was feeling very fit and wanted to be back down in time for my tea at the Scales pub! I was up and back in exactly 2.5 hours… Read the rest of this entry »