Grayrigg Pike At Last (had my eye on this for years!

8 12 2018

Thu 15 Nov 2018
I was super-excited to get up this hill despite that most people would probably find it tame, bland and boring. Why? quite a few reasons really… Read the rest of this entry »

Hip Replacement – Getting Going Again

9 11 2018

Just a very quick update on my post hip-replacement recovery and how it’s going for those who are interested… Read the rest of this entry »

Hip Op – Back to Work

22 10 2018

I’m now back at work after my hip replacement… I was mostly okay but decided to take the train as I’ve only had a couple of very short attempts at driving and it’s over 100 miles to drive to work – even the short journeys don’t seem very comfortable so far! Going over there worked out okay on the train – coming back off my set of nightshifts, not quite so well… Read the rest of this entry »

Post Hip Op – Week 2 Onwards

8 10 2018

My ankle, the last of my swellings, had gone down and my hip was now unbruised. I still had two weird and nasty scratches across my bum parallel with the scar – we all wondered about those including the nurse who took my clips out at the end of week two. Maybe the surgeon was frustrated by how it was going at some point and took it out on my bum? who knows… Read the rest of this entry »

Post Hip Op – Week 1

26 09 2018

One week post-hip replacement and I was back home but suffering… Getting up and walking around was actually great as it got your circulation moving and stiffness decreased but sleeping all night in one position in a normal bed was pretty awful and my heel pressure sores continued until I found a little cushion for under my ankles. I admit to getting plenty of sleep but I was on quite a few pills, one of which might have been inducing sleep… Read the rest of this entry »

Hip Replacement Op

17 09 2018

22 August 2018
My first night in hospital – a night early because they wanted me there for 0745 on public transport for my operation the next day and all the way from Skipton, North Yorkshire – my hospital was in Blackburn in West Yorkshire – approximately 40 miles away and at least two trains and a taxi…

Unusually for me, I had a shocking night for pain from my sciatic nerve – one of the parts which gets severely abused by unstable hips! I was therefore looking forward to the anaesthetic… Read the rest of this entry »