More Artwork – Horses

26 02 2020

Still not doing any walking – but I’ve been very active just the same. I’ve taken to going Scottish Country Dancing 2 or 3 times a week which is good exercise (for the brain as well as the body).

On Tuesday, I travelled over to my parents’ (3 hour journey each way) to cook them some pancakes. By cook, I mean I put the ready-made pancakes in the microwave and put out various toppings for them to put on them. I had eight with butter and sugar 🙂 my Dad had 4.5 and my Mum 3.5 – we all enjoyed them. I was going climbing at the Harrogate Wall just after so wondered how the pancakes would affect me. Well… I climbed brilliantly! far better than normal. I did a 6a, of which I’ve previously done very few, and then a 6a+ – never done one of those before! Read the rest of this entry »