Hearing Both Sides

21 03 2018

Richard got the bus up to my house the other day and related this tale which I found most amusing…

Our buses are small 16 seaters and are always full of bus-pass pensioners – Richard and I are the only paying customers who use them (despite being just as old!). None of them are Yorkshire folk but mostly imports from the south of the country. These two were Londoners…

A woman got out her mobile and said;
“I’m on the 2 o’ clock bas, where are you?” (they don’t say bus like us down there…)

A reply came from a few seats away;
“I’m on the 2 o’ clock bas”

“Which 2 o’ clock bas?”

“The Embsay 2 o’ clock bas”

“Well I’m on the Embsay 2 o’ clock bas”

They finally turned round to look at each other – husband and wife and never even noticed each other sitting 2 rows apart!

When Richard related this to me, complete with cockney-type accents, I shrieked with laughter… good job I wasn’t on the bas!


Merry Christmas!

25 12 2015

Well I was going to send this last night but, when I logged onto my PC it was very weird and almost looked virused. After a quick disconnect of the network cable and a reboot, things looked better but it was bedtime by then.

So here it is, Merry Christmas (as the song goes)…
Christmas 2015
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Hilarious – Wild Sheep Alert!

14 08 2015

Thanks to my friend Simon who posted this link elsewhere. Absolutely hilarious tale of a Lake District rescue! 😉

Grough Rescue Article

Easter Jokelet :-)

24 04 2014

“How’s the diet going?” I asked the missus.

“Not good.” she sighed, “I had eggs for breakfast this morning.”

“Oh dear,” I sympathised.  “Fried?”

“Cadbury’s.” She responded.


Courtesy of ‘The PubPaper’ Issue 750 21 Mar 2014

Pretty much like me that 😉

Dear Lake District National Park…

11 12 2013

Sat 23 November 2013

Dear Lake District National Park,

My friend and I, prompted by promises of wonderful mountain vistas and beautiful weather, decided last week to visit the Lake District – most of which is under your control. I am writing to complain about the treatment we received during our visit. Read the rest of this entry »

A Quick Funny!

7 04 2013

A few years back, when my parents were still Youth Hostelling, they stayed at Arnside Hostel. My Mum was despatched off to a women’s dormitory and the warden gave my Dad instructions to his dormitory. My Dad went up to the floor he’d said but noticed that all the rooms seemed to be full of women. Coming from an age where ladies and gentlemen didn’t mix overnight unless they were married (unlike bunkhouses nowadays where you can be sharing a room with a stranger of either sex), he hurriedly averted his eyes and rushed back downstairs.

“They’re all women up there!” he exclaimed to the warden in a shocked and horrified voice.

The warden turned to his mate and said,

“I wonder how old you have to be to get like that?”

A quick shot of my Dad in his younger, male-model days! 😉
Dad with goggles

Would You Pitch a Tent Here?

25 01 2013

Hilarious post on one of the walking forums I frequent! 😉

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