A Quick Funny!

7 04 2013

A few years back, when my parents were still Youth Hostelling, they stayed at Arnside Hostel. My Mum was despatched off to a women’s dormitory and the warden gave my Dad instructions to his dormitory. My Dad went up to the floor he’d said but noticed that all the rooms seemed to be full of women. Coming from an age where ladies and gentlemen didn’t mix overnight unless they were married (unlike bunkhouses nowadays where you can be sharing a room with a stranger of either sex), he hurriedly averted his eyes and rushed back downstairs.

“They’re all women up there!” he exclaimed to the warden in a shocked and horrified voice.

The warden turned to his mate and said,

“I wonder how old you have to be to get like that?”

A quick shot of my Dad in his younger, male-model days! 😉
Dad with goggles

Would You Pitch a Tent Here?

25 01 2013

Hilarious post on one of the walking forums I frequent! 😉

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Stop Thief! A Cautionary Tale…

1 11 2012

(photo courtesy of Serialnumberregistry.ca – in case I’m accused of stealing it!)

I nearly got a new record tonight – however, not a musical record this time – apparently a criminal record! 😮 How did this happen to an honest mountain coward? Read on to find out… Read the rest of this entry »

You’ve Been Framed!

27 07 2012

Along the lines of the (very banal) TV programme but with odd/weird photos instead of film clips. As in the TV programme, some are staged – sometimes by me and sometimes by others, but they’re all photos I’ve found amusing to collect. I’ll put a little explanation against them giving a bit more background. So, without further ado, in no particular order… Read the rest of this entry »

Bored With Mountains – Let’s Have Motorbikes Instead!

19 01 2012

Thought I’d put out a different subject of post for a change – I’d written this originally for the magazine of my bike club and, as I think it’s quite amusing, thought I’d put it on here. I notice other walkers sometimes have posts on other subjects on their blogs anyway. This is about my Army days and motorcycling in the 70s… Read the rest of this entry »

Tales From the Nuthouse

5 03 2011

My original, first post ever (from my old forum) – just to show what I can be like on non-cowardly days!  And my Mum is just as daft!:-)

I originally wrote this for our University Walking club mag but it got banned as advertising bad practice! The title also got banned as being politically incorrect/offensive – it was meant to be funny! I’ll submit it ‘as is’… some of the photos were taken with an old ’70s Kodak Instamatic so not best quality…

Tales From The Nuthouse…

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