Settle to Malham with Rye Loaf Hill

7 01 2014

During winter 2012, while I was still trying to get walking normally again after my broken big toe, I decided to do an old walk from Settle to Malham I’d done years ago with a group from work. I’d done a lot of my recovery walks around Settle, mainly exploring the limestone area of Warrendale Knotts and its caves. While I’d been doing these, I’d had my eye on Rye Loaf Hill – a landmark which is in view from miles around – so decided to incorporate that into my walk.

Warrendale Knotts (all) from Stockdale
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Yorkshire Dales – Gordale Scar to Malham Cove

1 09 2011

A nice little walk (around 5 miles) I do quite regularly is from Malham and takes in both Malham Cove and Gordale Scar. The whole walk is spectacular limestone scenery and involves a small scramble of around 20 feet up Gordale Scar’s lower waterfall. Read the rest of this entry »