Hilarious – Wild Sheep Alert!

14 08 2015

Thanks to my friend Simon who posted this link elsewhere. Absolutely hilarious tale of a Lake District rescue! 😉

Grough Rescue Article

Mountain Rescue – Another Angle

3 12 2013

This is a true story of a Munro walk that went wrong and ended up involving a mountain rescue callout. Naturally, out of courtesy to those involved, names, dates or places will not be mentioned. If by any chance any of the people involved at the time should read this tale, my purpose isn’t to belittle anyone or point the finger – it is merely to present another viewpoint on mountain rescue.

Tales of mountain rescue are often told by rescue team members, from their point of view (and a sympathetic one it usually is) and also sometimes by the victims. However, I’ve never read a tale written by the third person (or persons) involved – that of the worried friends or companions making the call to the emergency services. Consequently, I don’t believe many people have much inkling as to what that side of the ‘rescue triangle’ is like so I’m writing about it here. Read the rest of this entry »