Hill-Walking Alone in Scotland

23 11 2018

I could have written this post as just ‘Hillwalking Alone’ but have added the ‘in Scotland’ after a little thought. I’ve always been completely happy hillwalking alone in the Lake District or Yorkshire Dales or similar. Wales has been a little more daunting but Scotland is in a class of its own for several reasons… Read the rest of this entry »


Misgivings on Moruisg

24 01 2016

Mar 2010
I always thought, whenever I drove down Strathcarron, that Moruisg (the mouse) was the simpler of the Munros down the glen and therefore decided to tackle it first. Little was I to know how wrong my day would go and how Moruisg was to make me very nervous about tackling all the other Strathcarron Munros – a nervousness which was quite unfounded as they are all fine really.
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An Caisteal & Beinn a’ Chroin

20 02 2014

Sep 2010
Stats: 2 Munros, 1 top, 10 miles, 3366 feet of ascent, 5 hours 45. Me and Richard in total clag! No decent photos from the actual walk as we didn’t see anything until after we’d descended back into the sunshine!

Richard and I were taking our last Munroing trip of the year and had based ourselves at Crianlarich. After one superb day where we did the Ben More/Stobinian round, the weather turned quite nasty. After two days avoiding the worst of the weather by taking the train to Oban (where the weather was better) and then Fort William (where it wasn’t), it stopped raining and was quite a good forecast. We looked out of the B&B and all was fine and dandy… We decided to be lazy and drive the car up to the starting layby – very naughty as it’s only about a mile and a half… but that adds 3 miles to the walk and the weather was supposed to go off ‘later’. Read the rest of this entry »

Confused on (Beinn) Chabhair

12 02 2014

March 2009
During an indecisive day from Crianlarich Youth Hostel, with pretty snowy peaks around, I aborted a trip to Beinn a’ Chleibh and Ben Lui (my compleation hills this coming May) and decided to do this hill instead. Basically, by the time I’d parked at the foot of the route up the steep corrie between my two planned peaks and then chickened out at the thought of such a steep ascent on snow and ice, I only had half a day left to bag a peak. As Beinn Chabhair is quite a short route when done on its own, it was theoretically a great choice for the afternoon.

My afternoon wasn’t helped by a total misinterpretation of the Munro book which led me to do a different route to normal. However, after squelching back along the exceedingly wet trade route from the hill, I’m not sure my outward route was such a bad mistake and I do prefer a ‘round’ to an out and back anyway – much more interesting… Read the rest of this entry »