Hole of Horcum, North York Moors

12 05 2019

Wed 20 March 2019
Richard had been bought a great Christmas present by his sister – a free night’s hotel stay in one of several locations. We picked The Downe Arms Hotel in Wykeham – 6 miles west of Scarborough and booked an extra two nights to go with it. This meant we would be on the edge of the North York Moors – a beautiful walking area. The ‘Hole of Horcum’ was one of the places I was most keen to visit for a walk… Read the rest of this entry »

Trespassing in the Hambledon Hills

28 03 2015

When my mother dropped me off to do this walk, I had no idea I was due an embarrassing encounter with ‘the gentry’ of the area. A tale of a wilful trespass… Read the rest of this entry »