Winter Camping on Skye

23 12 2012

During the cold winter of 1976/77, when I was in the Army and based on the Outer Hebrides, some of the lads decided they were going to Skye on a camping trip and extended an invitation to the WRAC girls. My mates and I were the type of lasses who’d agree to almost any daft scheme so we immediately said yes without really giving it any thought. As the Uists almost never freeze (maybe one or two days per year) we didn’t really think about it being cold elsewhere – this is despite being able to see Skye’s Cuillin hills well plastered in snow. We were soon to find out just how cold it can be in a tent in snow at minus 10 degrees! Read the rest of this entry »

Bored With Mountains – Let’s Have Motorbikes Instead!

19 01 2012

Thought I’d put out a different subject of post for a change – I’d written this originally for the magazine of my bike club and, as I think it’s quite amusing, thought I’d put it on here. I notice other walkers sometimes have posts on other subjects on their blogs anyway. This is about my Army days and motorcycling in the 70s… Read the rest of this entry »