Cul Beag – Steep Little Corbett

18 09 2012

On our last walking day of one of our visits to Ullapool, we were both feeling a bit “can’t be bothered” so decided we’d just go and do a single Sutherland Corbett. We couldn’t decide between doing Cul Mor or Beag – I felt it was still too windy for me to make much of Stac Pollaidh. As we couldn’t decide which to do (although I was thinking Cul Mor myself) we said we’d drive round there and see which was ‘out’ (of the cloud)… Read the rest of this entry »

A Traverse of Mount Keen

30 08 2012

I’m mainly putting this post out as the route Richard and I took to do Mount Keen was rather unusual… We were staying in a log cabin in Braemar for the week and had invited my parents to join us. This meant that we had non-walking drivers in case we wanted to do any traverse walks (as opposed to rounds starting and ending at the same place). I’d had my eye on this route for a long time and decided this could be the ideal opportunity to put it into practice. Luckily my Mum didn’t mind a drive round half of Scotland from Braemar/Glen Dee round almost to Brechin – very many miles south and east of Braemar! Read the rest of this entry »

Affric Ambling

10 08 2012

After an abortive attempt back in May to do two of the Mullardoch Munros via Glen Strathfarrar, where I was put off by the appalling weather, the amount of snow cover and problems crossing the river, after an hour or so I decided to turn back and go back down the glen to our holiday let at Cannich. I joined up with Richard and we went round to the cafe and caravan site and hired bicycles to tour the valley with my camera… Read the rest of this entry »

Arrochar Alps – aka Bumbling About in the Mist

24 07 2012

This was one of the first ‘articles’ on hillwalking I ever wrote – it was written for my University Mountaineering Club’s magazine. I’ve pretty much left it ‘as is’ but have added some new information and some more recent photos…

October 2007

Early in my Munroing career, my friend Richard and I decided to take a trip to pick off the ‘easy’ Munros of the ‘Arrochar Alps’ just above Glasgow. I have very few photos of this trip and what I have are mainly of very poor quality… the reason will become clear! Read the rest of this entry »

A’ Chralaig & Mullach Fraoch-Choire

16 06 2012

Sat 5 May 2012

A’ Chralaig and Mullach Fraoch-Choire were the last two hills I had left to do in Kintail… and I’d been putting them off for a while and making various, usually weather-related, excuses as I had a notion that I’d hate the narrow pinnacled ridge to the Mullach. But I was attending my walking forum’s Kintail meet and there was another guy, Ricky, who planned to do the two Munros so we linked up to do them. Linked up, that is, apart from the fact that I was doing a completely different start from normal and also collecting a stray Munro ‘top’ at the start of the walk. So, we arranged to meet on the hill, near the summit of A’ Chralaig, at 1300 hours.
Read the rest of this entry »

Carn Dearg from Dalwhinnie – Winter Walking in April!

17 05 2012

Sun 15 April 2012

Last time I was down Loch Ericht was in 2004 on one of my first Munroing and first-ever bothying trip. I’d answered an advert in the Open University magazine asking for companions for a Munro-bagging trip around Loch Ericht staying in bothies. As I’d just started Munro-bagging in earnest and had never tried bothying, I contacted the guy – Mark – now a good friend of mine.

We arranged to do the trip in August – the dates turned out to be perfect for my birthday-avoidance week (I won’t even acknowledge my birthdays, never mind celebrate them!) We managed two nights in Culra Bothy either side of a great day on Ben Alder and Ben Bheoil before the weather completely cracked up and we had to backpack our way the 9 long miles back out again to Dalwhinnie in torrential rain.

This April, I was back there once again – this time alone apart from my trusty little fold-up bike. The weather had once again completely cracked up giving me the most winter walking I’ve had all year… except it’s now Spring – or at least it is in England. Read the rest of this entry »


2 05 2012

Sat 14 April 2012

I’d been itching to do Beinn a’ Ghlo ever since I started seriously collecting Munros – probably about 10 years ago now. I was quite tempted to do it in full winter conditions as, although Beinn a’ Ghlo encompasses three peaks, they looked to be quite easy from the photos and maps. However, after completing the round of the peaks, I’m now really glad it wasn’t in full winter conditions as I found it a pretty hard day… Read the rest of this entry »

Beinn Bhuidhe Trespass

16 04 2012

Thu 22 Mar 2012

Beinn Bhuidhe, Argyllshire, is a Munro normally climbed from the south via Glen Fyne – a long approach for which it is best to have a bike with you. The normal route is a bit awkward though and has a ‘bad step’ on the side of a ravine on the approach… the last section of the approach didn’t appeal to me either on the standard route as it was steep and craggy ground. So, pretty much from the start, I decided the non-standard, but straight-forward, route via Glen Shira was the one for me.

I read up on various people’s accounts of doing the walk from that side and there was a really good write-up on Steve Fallon’s website which was very helpful – he did mention though, that the road up the glen was private and said ‘no access’ – to vehicles anyway. As it is a long glen with around 5 miles to the start of the hill route, walking all the way up the glen and adding 10 miles to my walk was out of the question and, on this trip to Scotland, I didn’t have my fold-up bike with me so a trespass it was going to have to be! Read the rest of this entry »

A Round of Stuc a’ Chroin & Beinn Each

5 04 2012

Wed 21 March 2012

Having already done Ben Vorlich which is normally twinned with Stuc a’ Chroin, in snow, in December and been too exhausted to do the Stuc the same weekend let alone the same day, I decided to combine doing the Stuc from Braeleny Farm above Callander with also bagging the Corbett of Beinn Each. While nothing exciting happened on this walk, and the pictures aren’t spectacular, I thought there would be some who would find this more unusual route interesting. It was certainly a pleasant round… Read the rest of this entry »

Ample Snow on Our Vorlich

23 12 2011

Sat 17 December 2011

Quite a long report which completely demonstrates my total ineptitude at winter mountaineering! By the way, I’ve thought up a very succinct title for this post as, in five words, it contains: my route, the two hills I climbed and the weather I had! 😉 Read the rest of this entry »