New House – The Good… and the Maybe…

29 08 2017

There are some really great things about my new house in its ‘proper rural’ location – my old house used to be in a rural location but sadly is no longer 😦 As there are only 8 houses and a farm in my new ‘village’, hopefully it will be some time before it befalls the same fate… Read the rest of this entry »

Sunset Down Our Street

29 05 2017

We don’t seem to get many great sunsets in the north of England, unlike Scotland and The Islands. However, just occasionally, we get a great one and this is the view from my house down the street. As it won’t be my street much longer, now’s the time to put this post out I think…

Wood View Sunset Feb16
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Lakeland Sunsets

12 07 2013

One of the bloggers I subscribe to recently commented how lovely the sunsets have been during our recent British heatwave. I managed to catch a superb sunset myself the other evening in the Lake District and actually sat out on the hillside until the sun had set taking photos as the light changed. The first three photos are from that evening…
Click on photos for full resolution
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Hebridean Sunsets

12 07 2012

Having lived on the Outer Hebrides off Scotland for nearly 5 years, I can vouch for the fact that the islands have superb sunsets – here are some I captured both when I lived there and on my re-visits to the islands…

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