New House – Motorbike Move

22 09 2017

Wed 20 Sep 2017
One of the trickier things I had to move for my house move was my motorbike, ‘Millie’. Why is it difficult to move my bike you may well ask? Well, for a start, she hadn’t gone further than down the end of my road and back once a year for the last 10 years – apart from a quick trip for an MOT in May – and the journey to my new house is 100 miles. A trifle optimistic I’d say… Read the rest of this entry »

Bored With Mountains – Let’s Have Motorbikes Instead!

19 01 2012

Thought I’d put out a different subject of post for a change – I’d written this originally for the magazine of my bike club and, as I think it’s quite amusing, thought I’d put it on here. I notice other walkers sometimes have posts on other subjects on their blogs anyway. This is about my Army days and motorcycling in the 70s… Read the rest of this entry »