Liathach Traverse

5 11 2016

Wed 12 Oct 2016

The day after my Ghuibhais walk (previous post), I joined another Steve Fallon Group walk – this time on my erstwhile ‘bete noire’ – Liathach! Would my chest hold out for such a steep and hard climb? Would I freak out in a total funk like last time? it’s a pretty fearsome beast…

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Grievous Guibhais

27 10 2016

Tue 11 Oct 2016
Now I have to start this post by reassuring readers that this hill isn’t really grievous – it’s just my play on the Gaelic sound of the name Guibhais – in Gaelic bh = v – therefore I always imagine it sounds like Jonathan ‘Wossy’ Ross saying ‘grevious’ 😆 It’s actually a very nice hill indeed and another tick on my ‘Corbett’ list – not that I’m ever going to be doing ‘The Corbetts’.

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Liathach’s Meall Dearg – Wait a Minute…

19 10 2014

Fri 12 September 2014
As he hadn’t managed to make my Munro Compleation walk in May up Ben Lui (through no fault of his own), my friend Mark kindly offered to ‘take me up the beast that is Meall Dearg’ (aka Liathach’s Northern Pinnacles). Such a superbly generous offer couldn’t possibly be turned down so we set dates, booked time off and met up at the Ling Hut in Torridon.

Unfortunately, the walk took place a day after originally arranged as I’d had to call by the carpark where Mark was camping in his van to arrange a rest day for my shredded legs and nerves after a day doing the whole of Beinn Eighe on the Wednesday! Luckily he also had Beinn Bhan to do in the area so went to do that on the Thursday instead. Read the rest of this entry »

Beinn Eighe – So Good, I Almost Did It Twice!

11 10 2014

Wed 10 Sep 2014
I’d booked into the B&B of Cromasaig near Kinlochewe for four nights as I’d arranged to meet my friend Mark on one of the days to do the infamous Meall Dearg (Liathach Northern Pinnacles). As I was driving all the way to Torridon – an eight hour drive for me – I thought it was a good plan to bag some of my other tops in the area. To be honest, I was hoping to bag all the remaining ones in the area but, due to this particular day, it didn’t work out like that and I needed a relaxing day to wind down and recover afterwards. Read the rest of this entry »

All-in On Beinn Alligin

2 06 2013

Sun 12 May 2013

After leaving Skye on the Saturday, we drove up to Torridon… During our first evening at the Kinlochewe Hotel, we looked at the MWIS weather forecast in the bar and saw that, although Sunday was due to turn quite nasty, it was by far the best of the bunch of the next few days. The weather was due to start off reasonable but by the afternoon it was due to be very windy (yet again) with low cloud and showers – possibly wintry… That meant we had to get up early – pretty rare for me and Richard when setting out on a walk. Read the rest of this entry »

Liathach’s Western Ridge

15 09 2011

Thu 8 September 2011 (all photos by Richard Wood)

After our first two days of good weather at Torridon, the only other good day of the week was due to be Thursday so I decided we had to go and climb the western summit of Liathach – Mullach an Rathain. I awoke around 8 and heard steady rain – Richard was getting up but I told him to go back to bed for another hour or so. I eventually got up around 0930 – it was still dull and showery but the cloud was starting to lift slightly off Beinn Eighe, which was visible from the cottage, so I had a leisurely breakfast and we set off around 1030 for the carpark west of Torridon by the Abhainn Coire Mhic Nobuil.

Despite this ridge supposedly being very easy I was extremely nervous as we drove round the mountain with me peering at it suspiciously. The reason for my extreme nervousness was due to the very bad time I had on the eastern end of this hill a few days before where I spent the whole walk completely petrified and had to be roped up. Read the rest of this entry »

Liathach on a Leash – Bit of a Ropey Walk

11 09 2011

Mon 5 September 2011
All photos by Richard Wood (RW) and Alan Bellis (AB)

I thought I’d have a sleepless night before this walk as I’ve been dreading it since I started seriously collecting ‘Munros’ but, strangely, I didn’t. It seemed that after worrying about it for the last few weeks, I’d finally resigned myself to doing it. If I’d known what it was going to be like however, I wouldn’t have had a wink of sleep! Read the rest of this entry »