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Now getting going in the mountains after my hip replacement at the end of August last year. I did 3 big mountain days in a row last week and a very long ridge of 6 hills with a long valley walk out a couple of days before. No ill effects so far 🙂

Also, I was honoured to be approached to provide info (from this blog) for the new ‘Arran Almanac 2019’ which I’ve obviously agreed to do. There will be some photos and some of my walk reports…

WHAT’S LEFT? for me – NOTHING! Good job as I’m too knackered nowadays!

Site Changes: 2 new categories: ‘Wainwrights’ and ‘Munro Tops’ added to facilitate searching…

Contact Page added for those who want to contact me privately but don’t want to put a public comment at the end of a post…

New ‘Search’ button added in right-hand column – and it works! 😉

As the Arran reports were quite hard to find, I’ve added a new category of ‘Scottish Islands’ to help search for them. Skye, Mull and other Inner Hebridean islands have also been added to this section but I haven’t added any of the Outer Hebrides walking – they’re still in the ‘Hebridean Walking’ category – might sound perverse but, to me, the Outer Hebrides are the ‘real Hebrides’!

Filtering can be achieved by using the ‘categories’ buttons in the right hand column, e.g. if you only want to see Scottish posts, click on the ‘Scottish mountain cowardice’ category.

Some people have been saying I should write a book (I’m sure a lot would say I shouldn’t) – if I do, I’ve thought of a title for it anyway… Along the lines of Muriel Gray’s “The First Fifty” – I’m gonna have “The Worst Fifty” as those seem to be the most entertaining write-ups! 😉

Ratings Button: either one, or two, ‘visitors’ were meddling with this (I do know who) so I’ve binned it off – there’s a ‘like’ button at the bottom of posts when you’re reading them if anyone wants to use it instead. Actually, update to that – you can’t ‘like’ my posts unless you’re a wordpress user apparently so don’t worry about it anyway 🙂

My mate ‘Richard’ kindly pointed out that he didn’t think I should have my walk plans publicly available in case I get burglarised while I’m away – he may or may not be right but I’ve password protected that page.  As the people I’m most likely to walk with are the people who know me from my ex-forum, they will have either my private e-mail address or my mobile already.  Please ask me for the password by either e-mail or text!  Not that I have anything worth nicking 😉


Also going to update my bagging totals on here so currently:

Munros: all 284…
Munro Tops: all of ’em!

Corbetts: 34

(Wainwrights: all 214) 🙂

Stalkers: 3

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