Sympathetic Robin!

13 01 2023

taken from the Natural History Museum website –  Image courtesy of pxhere (CC0).

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Anthrax O2 City Hall, Newcastle

4 10 2022

These guys have changed!

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Did You Hide Your Flask on Meal Fell

1 08 2022

Just a quickie as I don’t have any forums to post this kind of thing on any more…

Did you hide a flask on Meal Fell to pick up later today (Mon 1 August 22)?  I ask as I found one which looked like it had been hidden to come back to but I couldn’t see a soul on the surrounding fells and it was late in the day so I’ve brought it home with me.

If you think it’s yours and want to claim it, tell me: where did you hide it and what does it look like?  Also what drink was in it?

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Probably Can’t Post For A While Yet…

7 05 2022

Hi everyone,

I’m truly sorry about the lack of posts but another month has come and hit me!

A couple of weeks ago, we were informed that our shop was to close in a month and so we’d all be made redundant…

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Government’s Mistreatment of Key Workers

31 05 2021

No photos – just a rant!

I haven’t been posting on my blog lately as you may have noticed (I’ve also left a lot of forums too).  I’ve been trying to push myself into at least writing a post on why I haven’t been posting but the reason I haven’t been posting has stopped me!  That reason? Sheer naked anger at the Government and their mistreatment of key workers during the pandemic! (excluding the NHS of course who’ve been looked after – I think the Government think they are the ONLY key workers!) Read the rest of this entry »

Mooching at Long Meg, Lacey’s Caves et al

9 03 2021

Wed 24 February 2021

As I had to spend a whole day away from my house while some disruptive work was being done I decided to hunt the only area with a survivable weather window to walk for several hours in – our area was going to be deluged with heavy rain and all my nearby mountains were too.  It looked to have a small area of light rain all day around Langwathby so (lockdown notwithstanding) I set off over there.  Before people get too upset, I really don’t think I had any other choice and it’s only around a 25 mile drive anyway and I drive 20 miles each way to work many days each week. Read the rest of this entry »

Merry Christmas

20 12 2020

A merry Christmas to all my readers – hope you have a good one and manage to stay safe from the plague! (still hate this new bloody editor!) 😐

Whinlatter Round aka ‘Caught in the Forest’!

8 09 2020

Tue 7 April 2020
This was during lockdown but, as I’d had to travel to Keswick anyway, I did the walk on my way back. I knew all the Whinlatter Forest carparks were shut (and so the Forestry people thought that Whinlatter Forest was also shut) but I also knew there was roadside parking. There were a couple of other cars there and I bumped into one girl just coming back from the hill (although, of course, at a 6 foot social-distance!)… Read the rest of this entry »

The Black Lagoon Strikes Again!

13 05 2020

A few years ago, I was walking on Uldale Common (my local common) when I found a sheep stuck in a bog and successfully rescued her (here) Now, whenever I walk there, I always call by the dangerous bog and check there’s no-one there. The other day, yet again, there was a woolly body sticking out of the bog… I went to investigate… Read the rest of this entry »

The Joker

7 04 2020

I was sat in the sun outside my conservatory (at the back of the house as prescribed by law right now I think) when I heard something really odd… Read the rest of this entry »