A Bad Day on my Favourite Mountain – and its proper name!

20 02 2018

As I’m not doing much at the moment with my knackered hip, this is from way back…

I’ll start with a quick rant about my favourite mountain and the becoming common abuse of his name – my favourite mountain is Snowdon… not ‘mount’ Snowdon… ever! Of course, its real name is Welsh and you can either say Eryri or Yr Wyddfa but the Welsh generally don’t mind if you stick to Snowdon. Read the rest of this entry »

Castell Dinas Bran, Llangollen

2 12 2016

Mon 24 Oct 2016
On our way out of Shropshire, we’d hoped to go to the famous Stiper Stones but it wasn’t to be… the morning yielded very low cloud yet again – we could barely see to drive over the Long Mynd road so it wasn’t worth going to see the spectacular rock tors… Read the rest of this entry »

The Aran Mountains – a Shocking Experience

17 01 2016

When I were a lass (as we say around here), I used to get dragged up hills by my parents each and every holiday. Most times, I wouldn’t say I really minded but this particular time, I revolted!

Family in Mid-South Wales(Dad)
Strangely, I haven’t any photos from the Arans but this is that kind of time and area
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Midsummer Bivvy on Snowdon Summit

25 07 2011

This post is an experiment. It’s a rescued report from my ex-forum and was stored on my computer in Word. I saw that I could attach word documents ‘as is’ so am putting this one out like that so I can get feedback on what people think about this method of putting out the rest of my archival reports from that forum so, comments please, especially from my regulars off said forum. I know the spacing isn’t great for the photos and will alter that if I do any more and generally tidy them up. It’s the method I’m wanting feedback on thanks 🙂

Click on the link below for report and photos…

Midsummer Bivvy on Snowdon Summit

Tales From the Nuthouse

5 03 2011

My original, first post ever (from my old forum) – just to show what I can be like on non-cowardly days!  And my Mum is just as daft!:-)

I originally wrote this for our University Walking club mag but it got banned as advertising bad practice! The title also got banned as being politically incorrect/offensive – it was meant to be funny! I’ll submit it ‘as is’… some of the photos were taken with an old ’70s Kodak Instamatic so not best quality…

Tales From The Nuthouse…

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