Barrow – Easy Walk When I Wanted a Hard One

12 01 2017

Tue 22 November 2016
I was a bit miffed to see this first thing in the morning (Skiddaw, my favourite winter mountain caked in snow) and then to have to turn away and do a tiddler around the back of the hotel!

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3 Loweswater Wainwrights

30 03 2016

Mon 14 Mar 2016
Richard and I really hit the good weather for our latest trip to Braithwaite near Keswick – it was superb, especially on this, our first day out to the Loweswater Fells to bag Richard some more of his final Wainwrights.

Carling Knott from Maggie's Bridge lane
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Tarn & Grey Crags, Longsleddale

6 03 2016

Mon 15 Feb 2016
Back in the Lakes at last after a month off in January. This time we were staying first at Kendal and then our favourite posh hotel in Grasmere, the Grasmere Hotel. As Longsleddale is just north of Kendal, I thought it was high time Richard did his two outstanding Wainwrights up the dale – besides, I hadn’t been up there myself since I did them about twenty years ago.

Tarn Crag
Tarn Crag from Goat Scar
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A Slither Around the Langdale Pikes

10 01 2016

Dec 2013
In the good old days, I used to get invited to the fabulous Adventure Peaks Christmas Party at a posh country house hotel in Ambleside. This was a weekend do and there was usually at least one day’s organised walking, complete with transport, and then a great party and Christmas Dinner on the Saturday night. Unfortunately, as I’ve been too busy Munro/Top-bagging, I haven’t been a proper customer of theirs for a few years and have now been dropped off their list of invitees. This walk was on the last one I attended Christmas 2013.

Langdale Valley
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Gowbarrow and a Night of Agony

12 07 2015

Mon 13 Apr 2015
This should have been an exceedingly pleasant six mile walk with Richard to get another of his few remaining Wainwrights but unfortunately ended badly 😦 Read the rest of this entry »

Birkhouse Moor with a Third Leg!

17 05 2015

After a bad finish to what should have been a lovely day on Gowbarrow via the Panorama route two days before (post to follow when my photos are back), I had to have a day off to let my disintegrating leg recover. For the first time ever, I had to sit it out while Richard bagged a Wainwright (Birks) on his own 😦 Read the rest of this entry »

Skiddaw via Ullock Pike Ridge

13 02 2015

My most regular Lake District walk, and one of my favourites, is this round of Skiddaw…

Overwater to Skiddaw
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