Don’t Let The UK Government Con You Into All-Electric!

14 04 2023

As you may or may not know, the Government are trying to phase out gas central heating – new builds will not be able to fit it… but gas central heating is the only affordable heating there is!  What the Government really want you to do is go all-electric for the sake of the environment.  What they will not tell you is how exorbitant all-electric houses truly are – I know, I live in one!

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Four-Times-Illegal Cumbrian Hunters

7 12 2022

I object to thugs hunting illegally here and trashing our wildlife but this took the biscuit I thought!

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Further Delays to Posting!

23 08 2022

Just in case my dear readers are wondering, yet again, where I’ve got to this time and why I haven’t posted for ages – the reason is… COVID! 😦 Read the rest of this entry »

Government’s Mistreatment of Key Workers

31 05 2021

No photos – just a rant!

I haven’t been posting on my blog lately as you may have noticed (I’ve also left a lot of forums too).  I’ve been trying to push myself into at least writing a post on why I haven’t been posting but the reason I haven’t been posting has stopped me!  That reason? Sheer naked anger at the Government and their mistreatment of key workers during the pandemic! (excluding the NHS of course who’ve been looked after – I think the Government think they are the ONLY key workers!) Read the rest of this entry »

Quick Rant About The Conspiracy Theorists!

14 07 2020

Was in a shop the other day next to a lady with a mask on who was paying at the till. Another lady in the shop suddenly laid into her verbally about wearing the mask… Read the rest of this entry »

Figueroa Mtn Freedom: Violating the COVID-19 Lockdown Order — Jack Elliott’s Santa Barbara Adventure

29 03 2020

Jack is spot on with this post! It’s far, far safer being spread out over wide areas in the mountains than it is cramming together on the lanes as I was today – never walked with so many people – and so closely!

A vernal pool on Figueroa Mountain. A male and female mallard were seen in the pool. March 27, 2020 I find it difficult to live in a society governed without reason. My mind operates logically. I am irascible by nature. I am not submissive. I am free thinking and independent. I do not subscribe to […]

Bloody Snow?!

26 10 2019

Sat 26 Oct 2019
I read yesterday in the news that there was snow on Cairngorm in Scotland – I was pretty surprised as that’s ridiculously early for Scotland. Read the rest of this entry »


28 07 2018

As I haven’t been doing any hills recently due to my hip, I’m having to write about other issues.

Many people have disregarded anything I’ve had to say if, like this, it has come from the Daily Mail… whatever your political leanings, they do often have something to say and the paper based versions (as this is) are often well written as they’re not ‘clickbait’ and don’t have pop-up ads or a vacuous celeb sidebar, unlike the online version. This article particularly ‘spoke to me’ – it’s about litter, in this case, on the roads – it was written by Louise Atkinson (Daily Mail 21 July 2018) and she had joined a Highways England clean-up crew for a day… Read the rest of this entry »

Ambulances – Switch Satnav OFF!

31 03 2018

A strange thing happened the other night at my house… I came downstairs in the dark and went into the kitchen where there is a view of the woods… there was a blue light flashing away in there. What on earth was going on? Read the rest of this entry »