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10 08 2013

My friend at work has just been handed a flyer by an evangelising Moslem in Bradford… it says:

“Is Islam:
* a mediaeval religion with no significance in current times?

* Oppressive, cruel and unfair to women?

* a religion which preaches terrorism and forceful conversions?

* Propogating to men to grow beards and become extremists and to women to cover up from head to toe and have no role to play in society?

* Truly the fastest growing religion?

Find out about the real Islam…
at (date & time and an address in Bradford)

All non Muslims are especially invited (males only)

Dear God – males only? What was that 4th question again? the one about whether women have a role to play in moslem society??




4 responses

12 08 2013

Flyers! In my experience it is rare indeed to find one that is written without grammatical mistakes, and without spelling errors. And as to the question – I agree with the comments already made.


12 08 2013

Not sure this one was a mistake though – I think it was more that thinking is ingrained and they can’t see anything wrong with it!


10 08 2013

I think you’ve answered your own question !


10 08 2013

I wonder why they didn’t read it back properly themselves after they’d written their little flyer! Either that or they think we’re all stupid here!


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